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Mud kitchens in the winter

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by gretna, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. gretna

    gretna New commenter

    Just wondered if your children still use the mud kitchen in the winter months?
    We have waterproof all-in -ones but they don't keep the children warm. Also concerned about chapped hands. Am I just being too soft??

  2. Justkeepingup

    Justkeepingup New commenter

    Our children continue to use the mud kitchen all year round. The waterproof all-in-ones go over their coats, so no need to worry about keeping warm in general. Their hands do sometimes get a bit cold so the adults are mindful that they may need to suggest that that a child washes and dries their hands and chooses a different activity for a while. We keep spare gloves for them to warm up their hands too. I think you’re right to keep this issue in mind, but really it’s just a case of the adults looking out for the children’s well-being as in any area of provision, indoors or out.
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  3. gretna

    gretna New commenter

    Thank you for the good advice Justkeepingup!!
  4. EJBowling

    EJBowling New commenter

    Our Mud Kitchen is available all year round, I think its important for the children to see and feel the changes from winter to spring and through to summer. We also plant different things all year round and have just planted some bulbs for the spring this week.
    Yes, we do have to be mindful of chapped hands and coldness but as practitioners we need to establish safe AND stimulating learning environments so the adults who are outside need to make sure the children are not getting too cold. Also you could use warm water, we do in our water tray during the colder months so i can't see why you couldn't in the Mud Kitchen although I have not tried it. They enjoy the steam from the water tray and we always get some great observations, just imagine the observations from steaming mud!

    Hope that helps :)
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