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Mucus plug!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by tatty-bear, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. tatty-bear

    tatty-bear New commenter

    Hi All,
    This thread is likely to have far too much information on it, but hey ho, it may also be helpful for others as well as for me!
    In the last 2 days i have had quite a lot of discharge - some of it quite a bright green. I have had this before and had a swab taken at the hospital when i was about 30 weeks (not that they could see any green - typical) and they said no news is good news (i had no news!). Anyway, it disappeared before, but now is much more obvious and there is a lot more of it. There is no smell! So, could this be my mucus plug beginning to dislodge? At the moment, i think that my baby's head is engaging due to the stabbing sensations that are on my cervix, and because my bump seems to be sitting lower. I seem to have more of this discharge after baby has been headbutting me down there!
    I am seeing my midwife on Wednesday so will certainly ask her anyway, but just wondered what others experiences were?
    Hope all are well
    Tatty B
    36 + 1
  2. Your mucous plug should be clear/pale/milky/brown or red blood stained, not green! (I don't think!) could be a sign of an infection? Perhaps ring a midwife in the morning for some advice. Although you did mention that it doesn't smell so chances are it's harmless... Think I'd check though just to be sure x
  3. Hey tatty try not to worry if swabs have been taken it sounds like your doing everything right and getting yourself checked definitely mention it on Wednesday and trust your instincts on it x
    From personal experience I lost some of my mucus plug about 1 week before LO was born and it was pretty obvious what it was as it was gelatinous and (so sorry if tmi) snot like. I then had a bloody show the day i went into labour - again no mistaking what it was ! I definitely had more discharge in the last 2 months of pregnancy - so much so I stupidly worried my waters were breaking on 1 occasion (very naive when my waters actually went it was pretty dramatic).
    Hope that helps. Not long to go now sweety let us know how you get on xx
  4. tatty-bear

    tatty-bear New commenter

    Still not entirely convinced it was my mucus plug, but i do have my baby daughter in my arms right now, so somethinng was going on!! See winter babies 2011/2012 for an update!

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