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MSC Cruises

Discussion in 'Personal' started by dande, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. dande

    dande New commenter

    My parents have booked themselves on a cruise this summer. They are doing full board but the literature that they have does not say what this includes. Anybody got any definitive answers? They seem to think it will include soft drinks but obviously not alcohol. Is this likely? And does anybody know what the price of drinks are likely to be whilst on board?
  2. Did a cruise with MSC in 2009. Firstly it was excellent value. Full board does include some drinks, but not many. A hot drink with your meal is included and juice with breakfast, but soft drinks and alcohol need to be purchased. Hot drinks are available free of charge throughout the day at varios points on the ship, but not in the cabins. There are drinks in the cabin, but again, you are charged if you use them. I think the first 2 bottles of water and a bowl of fruit were included, but if you wanted anymore it was charged to your account.

    When you go on board, they take a credit card details and all costs are charged to that account, so you don't actually pay cash for anything whilst on board, you then settle up the bill on the evening before disembarkation. You can buy drinks tickets when you book in, we didn't, so I can't say what the value was for this. All prices are in Euro's. From memory, a can of lemonade/coke was about 3 Euro. Bottle of beer/lager about 6 Euro.

    Tips are charged at 5 Euro per day per person, we got £100 per person onboard spending, so this easily covered tips and a few drinks.

    Hope that is some use.

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