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Mr Mac PE Revision support Please Read

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by MrMacPE, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!

    My name is Mr Mac and I have set up a YouTube channel and a Twitter page for students to access to help support their P.E. revision.

    On my YouTube channel I have uploaded Podcasts on GCSE topics in P.E. and created lists of some of the best P.E. videos online.

    These videos can be accessed by searching for MrMcevoy1 or by clicking the link below:


    Students can also follow me on Twitter where I will be leaving daily hints and tips about P.E. and creating P.E. based discussions.


    Encourage your students to accsess and follow these resources. Tell other teachers who may not read these posts to spread the word.

    Thanks for your time......Mr Mac
  2. Hello Mr Mac,
    This is very bizarre...... My name is Mr Joe McEvoy... known to my pupils as Mr Mac in Linwood High School, Renfrewshire..... I have wikispace called Mr-Mac-PE resources. I teach Scottish standard grade and higher PHYSICAL EDUCATION
    Are you as amazed as me... mcevoy is not that a common name.... both PE teachers.... wow

    my email is joelmcevoy@aol.com get in touch youtube = shinkitai


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