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Mr Gove and Primary ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Man_In_Black, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. How do you see Mr Gove's comments on Computer Studies changing ICT in Primary schools?

  2. How do you see Mr Gove's comments on Computer Studies changing ICT in Primary schools?

  3. Mr_John

    Mr_John New commenter

    Correct me if I am wrong but Mr Gove's speech seemed to be directed primarily at KS3 upwards.
    Here we use Bee-Bots in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. This uses basic control commands.
    In year 2 we use the Roamers and introduce the language 'Logo' for the first time.
    Year 4's use Logo with an on-screen Turtle and in Year 6 we use the Lego Mind storms.
    Throughout the Primary years at school, children are also introduced to Spreadsheets and Spreadsheet modelling (Yr 5 &6), databases (Yr 2 upwards), digital- data loggers, cameras (also video) and microscopes. Multi-media/hyper links etc (Cicker 5 and 2Create-a-Story in KS1 and PowerPoint in Yr6), a paint program (Rec - Yr 6), OBG, desk-top publishing (Publisher in Yr 3) and children are introduced to Word in Yr4.These are discrete (cross-curricula linked) lessons with a Subject Specialist (me) and Staff have time-tabled access to an ICT Room and on a needs basis. Computers are also available in class.I have created an in school Intranet where access to the Net and Edutainment type programs along with photo galleries, video, web links, worksheets etc. are available.
    We are 'rolling out' our VLE this year (MyLearningUK ltd) which has got to be one of the best ones for children out there. Yr 5s are going on camp next week and a Blog has been set up which children contribute to.You might like to have a look and at previous years:
    Don't know if this helps but we don't use the word 'dull' here.

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