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Moving up the pay scale in academy (or not)

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by catfishjack, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. We've come back to a new year in a recently converted academy. Staff transfered from the school to the academy are being told that we won't move up the pay scale unless Performance Management targets (set before the conversion to academy was even raised) are met. This will be decided in November, and if we are successful we will be backdated the extra pay in December.
    I've looked through (what appear to be) the relevant parts of the STPCD but it seems ambiguous on whether this is allowed; this (and a lack of trust of the academy!) has left me a little confused.
    What I'd like to know is - Can the academy withhold progress up the pay scale (and the resulting pay increase) until December '11 without having notified anyone the previous school year (10/11) that our service was not satisfactory? Should progress be with-held the next year? (ie we wouldn't progress in September 2012 if notice was served this year that we hadn't met 2010/11 targets to their satisfaction)

    Mandatory Points
    18.1.1 The relevant body must award-
    (a) the number of points awarded when the classroom teacher was first placed on the pay scale for classroom teachers in accordance with any of the Documents published between 2002 and 2010 or paragraph 26 of this Document;
    (b) a point for each year of employment (interpreted in accordance with paragraph 1.8) as a classroom teacher completed since the teacher was first so placed unless notification has taken place in accordance with sub-paragraph 1.6 that the teacher’s service has not been satisfactory in respect of any such year.
    18.1.6 Where a classroom teacher remains in service on 1st September in the school in which the teacher was employed during the previous school year, the relevant body, when considering whether or not the teacher’s service has been satisfactory for the purposes of sub-paragraph 1.1(b), must seek and take into account advice from the head teacher and where the relevant body considers that such service has been unsatisfactory it must notify the teacher in writing before the end of the current school year and before the relevant body makes a determination for the purpose of sub-paragraph 1.1.

    Thanks for any help in making this clearer for me.
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    For those on MPS (not upper pay scale) your interpretation is exactly correct. They can do no such thing.
    For those starting new at the academy, without the TUPE protection, they can of course do as they please.
  3. Thanks.
    Just to clarify - if the academy aren't going to move staff from last year up the main scale (and pay us accordingly from September) they needed to have told us our service was unsatisfactory before August 31st this year? Regardless of outcomes of performance management reviews taking place in the next few weeks?

  4. I made a similar post regarding this last week, we have had bad results this year and we have been told that we wont be moved up the scale unless we have met all of our PM targets from last year, including those based on student achievement (ie results). We arent an academy (looks as though its only a matter of time though!) yet and so all pay and coniditons should still stand for us. We have also been told that anyone who has NOT met those targets can have capability brought against them.... a VERY scary position to be in and seems TOTALLY unfair. A number of staff members think this is a sneaky way of restructuring before academy status is forced upon us...

    I presented those sections of the STPCD to the head and she says that what she says still stands. A number of us are contacting the Union to try and get a better idea of where we stand...
    I was under the impression that MPS was automatic progression based on each year of emplyment unless you are brought to capability and even then it should be in writing before the end of the school year...? I thought it was only UPS that was dependant upon PM targets.
    Clearly my head isnt the only one trying this on this year - I would be interested to see others comments on this and advice from anyone in the know.
    Let me know how you get on and I will keep you informed on what our union says

    I had until now been under the impression that progression on MPS was automatic every year unless

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