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Moving under achieving pupils forwards-HOW?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by sciencequeen00, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. sciencequeen00

    sciencequeen00 New commenter

    A core group pf Year 9 ( and 7 and 8) are not moving towards their end of year targets and on each termly call of data they dont gain their target. I am working with teachers of each class to support them but need some inspiration on how to support these teachers and classes so that they do acheive!
    I have observed lessons, given teachers ideas, tracked pupils but still no change from september- I am stuck now on where to go next?
  2. Lulabell77

    Lulabell77 New commenter

    In our school with yr 10 and 11 pupils we have introduced Individual Academic action plans.
    Teacher identifies underachieving pupils and in informal meeting with pupil, can be during class, discusses what they feel the pupils strengths are, what they need to do to move forward and set 2/3 simlpe targets to try to improve performance, these can be subject specific or personal - like get to all classes on time, bring all equipment. these are then signed by teacher and pupil, a date , usually 8-10 weeks later is set to review targets and progress and then they IAP's are copied and sent to HOD and sometimes parents. At the review meeting further targets are set and any progress noted. It isnt a magic wand but it does work for some and it shows that you are trying to rectify the data. All the info is filled into a standard form that can be personalised per dept/subject.
    Hope that helps

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