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Moving tuition to a new area.

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by bramblesarah, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    Hi all,
    My husband commutes 2 hours a day to work. We have spoke about moving closer to his job but nothing too serious. I currently tutor LAC students during the day and my own private students in the evening. I am guessing the LAC tuition would be relatively easy to move. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of moving a tuition business. It took a couple of years to establish myself where I currently live. I think it would be difficult to build it for the ground up again.
    Thanks :)
  2. alsoamum

    alsoamum Occasional commenter

    I did this 2.5 years ago. We moved 8 miles and some of my clients stayed with me. I may have been lucky as we are in an 11+ area and close to a lot of primary schools but I filled all my spare spaces within about 6 months using my website, facebook and word of mouth. How far are you looking to move? Is there any chance some of your existing students may be willing to travel or do online?
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  3. ninariley

    ninariley New commenter

    I moved form London to Hertfordshire. It has taken 2 years to build up my client base. However, around the same time, I also started teaching online. This has helped me tremendously as many of my students from London stayed with me - as distance is now not an issue! You could consider placing an ad in Gumtree for your local area, offering taster sessions at your local library as well as leaving flyers. I did all of this and it helped. I am now back up to 27 students! Good luck! ;)
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  4. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    It's about 22 miles. I did think about online. I don't know if any of my current students would go for it. Like I said we are only talking about it no firm plans. Thank you very much for your experiences it's good to know that it's not impossible to start again.

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