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Moving to year 1 - help

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ked85200, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hi
    title says it all really, I am moving to year 1 from year 3 and am really looking forward to it but a little scared if honest
    Any hints out there? ideas of what your day is like? any help or ideas gratefully received.
  2. Hi,
    I can't offer any advice, but just wanted to say that I am in the same boat as you, am moving from Year 3/4 to year 1 also. Am completely petrified as I have no idea what to expect, but like you am looking forward to a new challenge.
    I will be watching this thread with interest and will definately post again if I have anything to share!
  3. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    If you do a quick search there's quite a lot of threads already on here about teaching year 1, so all I'll say here is stickers work magic and that it's busy, noisy, tiring, fun and I absolutely love it - don't worry about it, just enjoy it!
  4. I've been in primary 1 now for a few years and I think the best advice I was given was not to worry too much aboutmaths and language in term 1, that will come. Spend a lot of time letting them play developing social skills and finding their place in the dynamics of the class as the morning nursery won't know the afternoon. This will pay dividends in the long run as you will be able to concentrate on teaching groups later in the year knowing that the rest of the class can keep themselves busy and solving any disputes by themselves. Therefore when setting up your classroom let it resemble a nursery to begin with and slowly develop it into a more formal classroom as the year goes on.

    Don't be nervous it is a great age to teach and I wish you all the best. Hope this helps :)
  5. Hi,
    I moved from year 4 to year 1 last year (this has been my 1st year in year 1) and I felt exactly the same!! Now, I love it and I can't imagine going back to KS2!
    Try and get in to your classroom to set up everything during the hols so that you feel organised...none of my furniture or resources arrived til week 2 of the Autumn term so I was constantly playing catch up :-(
    If you can get your hands on any resources used or know what you need in your school in year 1 (every school differs so prob different to mine).
    Get to know the areas of provision and how they are used in year 1 at your school.
    Get to grips with FSP points.
    Find out how your school assess' the LA in year 1....do they use FSP points or something different?
    Hope that helps :)
  6. We followed the set-up and pattern of the reception class ie. areas of provision that are planned for and linked to different topics or literacy units that we are currently doing. As we are a 2-form entry school, we have two classrooms - one a literacy room and the other numeracy room. We have two groups for literacy and numeracy - one teacher teaches the numeracy in one room whilst the other teaches literacy to the other group (including phonics). the next lesson the children swap rooms and we then teach the other group the same lesson with varying degrees of differentiation. At the beginning of the year we don't have all the groups working, but the others are allowed to access the continuous provision. Gradually we build up to all completing their work and then 'choosing'.
    The other subjects (science, DT, art, geog, his) we complete as a 'topic' in the afternoon in a block. so we do science for 2 weeks every afternoon until we complete the unit (based on QCA units with lots of additional bits). We found this works well as they have limited ability to remember what you did in science last week when you have done lots of lessons since.
    My advice would be to look at the provision and set-up in Reception and try to set up Year 1 in a similar way.
    Continuous provision would include - writing area, book corner, sand, water, art area, DT area, maths area, role play, small world.
    Another piece of advice, which i have given other staff coming down from KS2 is that you have to 'let go' - if the children are playing they are still learning especially if it is planned and linked to your current topics.

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