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Moving to Wales

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by millicent_bystander, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. millicent_bystander

    millicent_bystander New commenter

    I have been teaching English for over twelve years, partly in secondary and currently in a sixth form college. My husband comes from Penarth and we had planned to move to Wales for the start of the new academic year in September 2016.

    I have been applying for jobs since November 2015 and have only had one interview out of five. I decided not to pursue the job I was interviewed for, but have had no luck since.

    I have had feedback ranging from not justifying my right hand margin on my application form to not having familiarity with the Welsh exam specifications as reasons for non-selection.

    With my experience in the classroom and nine years as a head of department, including an ability to adapt to new specifications and write schemes of work under pressure, I consider these reasons to be slightly spurious and feel there is an unspoken discrimination against non-Welsh speakers, ironic as I'm teaching English at secondary level and have expressed a keen desire to learn the language.

    Does anyone have similar experience? Am I fighting a losing battle?

    Opinions would be welcome, hopefully more helpful than suggesting I change my name to Jones! ;)
  2. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    Really, I think the Welsh language thing is something people latch on to, but is mostly irrelevant in my experience: something of a red herring. Most relevant is the fact that schools are merging, staff are not moving yet ITT numbers are not falling, thus an weber ever growing number of news teachers, teachers from merging schools, those returning to work and those being made redundant are all chasing the same jobs.

    Unless it is a Welsh medium school, it probably isn't that. Its just the number of jobs I think.

    Presumably you address looking on eteach, not just here?

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