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Moving to Vietnam

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by safeasmilkkk, May 27, 2020.

  1. safeasmilkkk

    safeasmilkkk New commenter

    Anyone heard of contracts being resinded in Vietnam? School is reputable and pushing forward sounding positive but I am well aware that government policy is out of thier control.

    I resigned from my job in the Uk ages ago so too late to resind that.
  2. Ms_Love_

    Ms_Love_ Occasional commenter

    We're in the waiting game of moving to VN now and trying to see if the government will allow teachers on a skilled work visa. The new school in VN seems to be hopeful about this happening, but there have been no government updates about this.
  3. elle303martin

    elle303martin New commenter

    Hi, I am in Vietnam and have heard about this starting to happen although many schools are still hopeful. Official information comes out in drips and drabs regarding borders and visas. As mentioned in another thread, quarantine on arrival is almost guaranteed if you do make it over. I hope things work at well for you!
  4. TinyTeacher92

    TinyTeacher92 New commenter

    I'm also moving to Vietnam in August, hoping the government will issue visas for teacher so we can enter the country!

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