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Moving to UK from India

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by littlejim, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Have your qualifications “translated” into UK equivalents by applying to UK NARIC and get police checks/certificates to demonstrate your good conduct.
    Indian teaching certificates are not recognised in the UK, so you will be viewed as an unqualified teacher. If you are planning on teaching post 16 in an FE college this may not be a problem, since most FE colleges will be prepared to put you through a teaching qualification.
    The bigger challenge will be finding work. In FE you may have to start on sessional contracts and you may not be able to start work until the new academic year starts in September. The other challenge is your subject – there is no shortage of Biological Sciences teachers in the UK, so you will be competing against teachers who are viewed as qualified.
    If you want to teach in a school instead of FE this will be more of a challenge to find work. Only independent schools and academies are allowed to hire unqualified teachers, which will limit the work opportunities available to you. Despite this freedom, most hire qualified teachers.
    Maintained schools can hire unqualified teachers if no qualified teacher applies for the position, however, this is unlikely to be the case for a biology post.
    Since you have been teaching post 16 in a college, if you have aspirations to teach in a school in the UK, I would read up on behaviour management strategies as you are likely to be asked about this in interviews.
    Be aware too that if you want to teach in a school, you are most likely to be employed as a general science teacher to GCSE level only (A level teaching is normally reserved for more experienced and proven teachers). You should therefore brush up on your Physics and Chemistry as you will be expected to teach all three sciences. Read through the GCSE specifications so that you are able to convince an interviewer that you will be able to hit the ground running.

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  2. Hi,

    Thank you so much for the information. That surely is going to help.

    I just gave my Bachelor of Education exams in Life Sciences, so i am waiting for its result. As soon as it is declared, then i guess the first step will be to get my qualifications translated into UK equivalents by UK NARIC.

    P.S : Does having a B.ed help in getting a job if you have to teach at schools?


  3. A BEd from a UK university with UK experience would be helpful, an overseas one much less so. For most head teachers you would probably be a high risk employment choice as you are unqualified in the UK. Maintained schools are not permitted to chose you over a UK qualified teacher.
    If you consider recruitment from the perspective of the head teacher, they face no notice inspections and need all their teachers to be good. You are an unknown quantity who may be great or awful.
    You need to be able to demonstrate familiarity with UK teaching, curriculum and school children if you want to work in a UK school. At the moment you probably can’t do this, so are not an attractive option for a school.
    If your heart is set on school teaching rather than FE, register with an agency for short term temporary assignments when you arrive in the UK. This will enable you to get known in the local area and be able to provide local referees.

  4. Hi, thank you again for the reply. I guess signing with an agency for a temporary while should be good.

    So far, i am not very familiar with FE in UK , I'll read about it too and get back for some more help.


  5. have you got any job in UK as yet or do you know any Indian teacher teaching in UK. If yes then please please write to me at rashm02@gmail.com
  6. Do you teach in UK as yet or do you know any Indian teacher teaching in UK. If yes then please please write to me at rashm02@gmail.com
  7. have you guys got some teaching job in UK? I am also moving to UK and looking for teaching jobs. Please provide me some info regarding that at g.sethi007@gmail.com

    SSDPGA New commenter

    I am a art teacher in IGCSE school and soon be shifting to UK, Need to ask do i will get a job there?
    what i need to do? and secondly do what to do to be qualified in UK?
  9. antoinette2622

    antoinette2622 New commenter

    HELLO ,
    i am an English teacher in IGCSE school in Maldives and soon be shifting to UK . is there any job vacancy i have 7 years of teaching experienes completed post graduate and B.Ed in English
  10. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    Job vacancies are advertised on this website - see the 'jobs' tab at the top. Good luck with that, because your English is appalling (for an 'English teacher') - capitalisation, articles, tenses, punctuation, spelling. What a joke.
  11. bakribakri

    bakribakri New commenter

    We need an English teacher for igcse in SUDAN in a private school
  12. anshuldhimanda

    anshuldhimanda New commenter

    Hello I am from India. I have done bsc non medical i.e bachelor in science which includes chemistry, physics and mathematics and i got 58% in it. And now im pursuing b.ed i.e bachelor in education and its going to be complete in the month of may. And i m expecting above 60% and after completing this i m hoping to move to uk for teaching job.. please tell me the requirements
  13. homemadehappiness2529

    homemadehappiness2529 New commenter

    Hi I am a maths teacher working in Abu Dhabi past 3 years I am going to send my documents to uknaric, I am looking for opportunities in UK to teach.
    Anyone in similar situation can you please get in touch with me so that we can discuss and work on it together?
    Thanks all

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