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Moving to UAE for work

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Wishfulglobetrotter, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Luvsskiing

    Luvsskiing Established commenter

    Same advice to you as everyone else: have a Plan B. Don't just sit there with your fingers crossed, emailing them and asking, 'is everything still going ahead?'. What do you expect them to say? How do they know how many students they will have, if parents will even have a job and the money to pay fees, how many internationals will be around? They will tell you anything to keep you happy, and if they don't need you, don't worry. You'll get an email in August with 'Sorry' on it. All this assumes flights have resumed, foreigners are allowed in, there is no second wave virus, you can get out if the virus hits again, your medical insurance is valid etc etc

    Be sensible. Have a Plan B. Keep applying to other places. If you already have a job, stay put. Schools will likely be advertising for a Christmas start later in the year so hang on. What's a term's delay?
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  2. Wishfulglobetrotter

    Wishfulglobetrotter New commenter

    Is it the school itself or the company that has been getting in touch with you?
  3. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    When nearly all the reviews on a certain international schools reviewing site state that Aldar do not honour contracts, I would not be putting stock in anything they say. These were statements written by teachers during the 'good times'.
  4. Wishfulglobetrotter

    Wishfulglobetrotter New commenter

    Also, what information have they gave you? Do you have flights booked/ confirmation of accommodation etc?
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  5. bluejacket10

    bluejacket10 New commenter

    Hi, in the same situation as you wishfulglobetroter.

    Can you pm me?

  6. bluejacket10

    bluejacket10 New commenter

    Kneebone, likewise with you. Seems like we're all in the same boat. Would be good to stay in contact
  7. Wishfulglobetrotter

    Wishfulglobetrotter New commenter

    I agree... I don’t know how to start a conversation on here. I have quite a new account & I think I have to be at a specific ranking to be able to start conversations? If you are able to start one with me, then please do :)
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  8. bluejacket10

    bluejacket10 New commenter

    Unfortunately I don't have permission to pm either :(
  9. doudoune

    doudoune New commenter

    I've been following this thread for a while. I am also due to start in the UAE in August, but as yet have not formally resigned from my UK job. Everything is pointing towards staying put, but I am struggling to make that call. I was so excited about it and don't want to give it up. Be good to be in contact with people in the same boat.
  10. bluejacket10

    bluejacket10 New commenter

    In the exact same boat, yet to hand in notice, very eager to go but lots at stake.
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  11. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Personally, unless I had a private alternative income source or could afford to be without work for six months or more, I would not be resigning from a secure job in the UK.

    Yes, it will be extremely disappointing if you find you could have gone, but it could be devastating if you have no job in August.

    Each to their own, but to me it’s a no brainer this year.
  12. Luvsskiing

    Luvsskiing Established commenter

    "unless I had a private alternative income source or could afford to be without work for six months or more, I would not be resigning from a secure job in the UK"

    This is crunch. In a normal world, everyone would be wishing you luck. But now it's a big gamble. If you roll the dice and lose, if the job is withdrawn by the employer as ME employers often do right at the last minute one they know their student numbers, can you still survive? Where will you live if you have already given up your place? Do you have enough savings for 6 months if you can't get work, while you try to find an alternative?

    Do remember that these schools are recruiting in the dark. When they make an offer, they really have no idea if you will actually be needed or not. They will smooch you and tell you anything you want to hear, right up until the last moment when they withdraw the offer. Just be wise. Have a Plan B.

    Up to you.
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  13. bluejacket10

    bluejacket10 New commenter

    Is there anyway of us contacting each other as both of us don't have pms enabled?
  14. doudoune

    doudoune New commenter

    Bluejacket, I have sent you a conversation
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  15. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    Wow. Horrid bit of scare-mongering there. No school is going to recruit unless there is a position that requires a posting! The advertising costs alone mean there is no point, and anyone who is involved in the interview process knows that the time, and work involved in the recruitment process means that this simply doesn’t happen.
    What can happen, and we are in this situation now, is that (like ALL privately funded international schools!), there may be a situation where numbers drop is schools this term as job losses squeeze and people decide they need to head home, or find a cheaper school. This can mean that there may be tough decisions for schools to make in terms of cutting their cloth - and new recruits may be re-assessed to see if the school can function without them - that is simply a business model, and will happen anywhere in the world - and in particular this year.
    So... what to do? Here is where your new school starts to let you know how good it is... has the Head made contact with you? Has HR? At this point, if they have any sense they should be reassuring you about next term - if they have gone silent, this is probably not a good sign - but get in contact with them... for many, you are in the position you have dreamed about - don’t necessarily take the naysayers advice on here - it is YOUR future; your dream.
    (BUT - do be prepared to walk away if it feels wrong). Happy to help with individual schools if any potentials want to private message me.
  16. Luvsskiing

    Luvsskiing Established commenter

    ......... This can mean that there may be tough decisions for schools to make in terms of cutting their cloth - and new recruits may be re-assessed to see if the school can function without them "

    We are saying the same thing..... you may well have been offered a job, but schools may have to make tough decisions and withdraw it once they know the true numbers of students with paying parents.

    "that is simply the business model."

    ???? Not so great for potential new teachers, this business model, is it?

    As for schools keeping in touch, so what? They have to keep everyone on board until schools themselves have the real picture. That means lots of nice (meaningless) words and plenty of reassuring (meaningless) messages, anything in fact, to keep you happy. Until they decide you're not needed after all a few weeks before you are due to fly.

    "that is simply the business model."

    I'm not saying don't think about going. I'm saying in these turbulent times to have a Plan B and plenty of cash behind you, enough for 6 months, just in case. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the UK, broke and without a job living with the in-laws, waiting for something, anything to happen like a spotty desperate student.
  17. mflnqt

    mflnqt New commenter

    I work for Aldar Ed - send me a private message if you want.
  18. Cider678

    Cider678 New commenter

    Hi so only just caught up with this thread. What did you guys decide to do, did you hand your notice in? Are you still going to ME? Thanks
  19. Wishfulglobetrotter

    Wishfulglobetrotter New commenter

    I handed in my notice. I got a great offer from my own HR department and so I think I am secure either way.
  20. michelleironside22

    michelleironside22 New commenter

    i am in the same boat as most in this thread... same company, same wishy washy advice from HR department. It is now the 1 July so time is really ticking away and still no certainty. I have just resigned myself to the fact that 'whatever will be will be' because it is certainly an uncertain time for ALL and I think that we are not getting any clear answers because there really are none. The schools also are undecided about opening again because the parents are worried and the teachers are worried etc.
    It is a waiting game at this stage, which is super frustrating. I only hope that the school I have signed a contract with are not 'one of those' ??!

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