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Moving to Singapore - Help?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by fayesutcliffe, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. fayesutcliffe

    fayesutcliffe New commenter

    I have been teaching Spanish up to a level for 5 years. We recently honeymooned in Singapore and both my partner and I fell in love with the place. We've spoken about moving abroad before but the Middle East didn't appeal. Singapore seems to have the best of everything and the fact English is their first language is a huge bonus as my partner doesn't speak any other languages and this has always been the biggest barrier - for him - preventing us from making the jump.

    I've had a look at a few different teaching job websites, but I was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on the perks of choosing Singapore, particularly in relation to accommodation. My partner doesn't teach, so wouldn't necessarily find work right away, and it's important to have some sort of security / make sure it's feasible for him to get a job once we're out there. Having accommodation and allowances would be a huge bonus. - If you have experience in Singapore, could you let me know what the typical "perks" look like.

    Also, do you love it? how has your experience been? Would you recommend the jump and can you give any practical advice to ease the transition?

    Thank you so much,
  2. migratingbird

    migratingbird Occasional commenter

    At a decent school in Singapore, you would get flights (beginning and end of contract), housing allowance, medical insurance. You may also get yearly bonuses and/or gratuity at end of employment. Only one school in Singapore currently offers A'Levels. The rest all offer IB. Several offer Spanish but not all (for example, the Spanish teacher at our school also teaches French, there's not enough demand for a full time Spanish teacher where I am).

    Your husband (I'm assuming you're married because you mentioned honeymoon - it does make a big difference in Singapore if you're not married, visa-wise) would enter Singapore on a Dependants Pass. He is free to look for work, however companies need to give preference to locals over foreigners. The industry he works in will strongly determine how quickly he can get a job. Once he does secure something, his company apply for a Letter of Consent which would allow him to work for that company. You can only have one LoC at a time, so he would be limited in working for one company.

    We've been here 5 years and it's a great place to be. We'll probably move on soon, but only cos doing the flight with two young children back to the UK just isn't fun anymore and we'd like to be closer to home for a bit. For a first international posting, Singapore is easy. You can get pretty much anything you might miss from home, we have a 3-bed apartment with a pool just outside the door, public transport is cheap, and there's always stuff going on to keep you busy (and empty your wallet!).

    If you want more info, happy to chat over DM.
  3. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Singapore is possibly THE most competitive place in the world to get a job. Consider you are applying against the world, and some vastly more experinced international teachers for a very small pool of jobs. Widen your horizons

    Best of luck
  4. lucyrose50

    lucyrose50 Occasional commenter

    You might want to also consider Malaysia, which is significantly less competitive than Singapore, about 5 times cheaper for everything (but salaries are not 5 times smaller) and still has English as the main language of business. You're a lot more likely to be able to manage on one salary than in Singapore, if it turns out that your husband can't find a job. There are lots of international schools in KL, it's an easy place to be for a first experience of working abroad, and flights to Singapore are cheap and frequent if you want to spend time there.
  5. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    It is MUCH easier for a spouse to find work in Singapore than in Malaysia. On the other hand, Malaysia is in my opinion a far more interesting place to live. It’s a little rough around the edges though and if you have “fallen in love” with Singapore you could well be disappointed by Malaysia (or anywhere). Singapore is impressive, I like it and I could live there but don’t hang your hat on it. Language also shouldn’t be an issue. Languages are easy to learn. We all learned our first language when we had the intellect of a fence post.
  6. 576

    576 Established commenter

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