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Moving to Guernsey

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by stubowler, May 19, 2016.

  1. stubowler

    stubowler New commenter

    Hi My wife and my 13 year old son are moving with me to Guernsey in September and was just wondering if anyone could give me the inside track on moving to the island. I am from the UK and currently live and work in the Cayman Islands.

    Any guidance or advice on new schools, way of life would help.
  2. bchuckle

    bchuckle New commenter

    Congratulations for escaping Cayman, stubowler.

    I left and I've never looked back!

    I looked at a job in Guernsey earlier in this recruitment cycle and went there for a look around and there are lots of positives. You'll be better treated there than in Cayman and the lifestyle looks good. Cost of living is high, but you'll be well used to that and the weather is not so hot, but tolerable. It has the same kind of village feel to Cayman and the guy in overall charge of Education (the equivalent of the Chief Education Officer on Cayman) has really got his head screwed on.

    stubowler likes this.
  3. jimmegee

    jimmegee New commenter

    I'm interested in this too as I've just applied for a job as an AHT on the island. I pressed send before realising that one of the island's four secondaries may be closed down as the island moves towards a comprehensive system...! But all the same, what's it like as a place to work?
  4. stubowler

    stubowler New commenter

    I have been here for a bit now. I have had a mixed experience but in short, the kids are great, really great, the schools/organisations I can only speak for my own and hmmmm, my son's very good, and one other-oh dear. The school closure thing is being challenged at the moment and this kind of thing takes a while here. As for the States of Guernsey whether they are your employer or not-oh my oh my if only a knew then what I know now. Shocking.

    The island is nice during mild weather which is possibly 4/5 months of the year-the rest is high winds and rain. Accommodation, food and utilities are very expensive despite there being no VAT. Eating out is also expensive but not too bad. Plenty of sport outdoors types of stuff but the roads oh the roads. Most cars are too big for the roads and consequently get scratched on walls or other cars regularly. Wing mirrors on the floor having been knocked off with people not stopping. The speed limit is 35 tops so don't bring a car with a DPF filter-you won't hit 40 to regenerate it and you will have to pay to get it cleaned. On the plus your travel to work time and fuel bill will be low.

    Something else to consider. It is extortionate to get off the island. The ferry company has a monopoly and the airlines only really fly to the UK. Flights are regular but as much as £180 pp return.

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