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Moving school - what do I need for my new classroom?

Discussion in 'Science' started by catherine_ann, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. catherine_ann

    catherine_ann Occasional commenter

    I'm moving schools this summer and having taught in one place for a while I need a memory jog as to those essentials that you couldn't be without in your classroom. I've already got quite a collection but all help would be appreciated to get a list together specifically for science teachers.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. msuxg

    msuxg New commenter

    How about a periodic table?
  3. If we're talking secondary school -

    All our labs have a periodic table on display and are supplied with all of the basic kit/ materials/stationery etc. I wouldn't necessarily expect a new member of staff to provide anything. However if you have stuff you want to display or resources you particularly like to use that your new school might not have then take them along. It might be worth checking with the technician(s) (if they're working the holiday) to see what they supply as standard....

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