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Moving level 4 writers to a level 5

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lowra84, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. I have a number of children in my class who are high level 4's and I am trying to move them onto level 5. Does anyone have any useful ideas on what worked for them?
  2. Use of more sophisticated conectives, vocab, punctuation and more complex sentence structures. Basically get them really secure on their VCOP.
    I try to focus on one or two of these a week and make them a peer assessment activity in the plenary/mini plenary of every lesson. I call it a 'VCOP pitstop'. The children in my year 6 class quickly got used to the procedure - works well if you have a visualiser to share good examples of children's work. I do a quick bit of modelling in these pitstops, share examples then they review in pairs and then get back to independent writitng to apply it. Has worked to get my high level 4's over into level 5
    Hope this is useful :O)


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