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Moving into a leadership role.

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by superewok, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. superewok

    superewok New commenter

    Hi all,

    I have posted this in Career Clinic too so apologies of you see this more than once. Just after some thoughts or advice about my situation. Thanks in advance.

    I have seven years teaching experience (4 as a core subject leader) in a range of schools - RI to Outstanding, in Years 4 - 6. My most recent position, which I held for two years, was as Maths Leader and Year 6 Team Leader at a two form entry school. My headteacher was superb - allowing me to implement new ideas in my core subject, lead initiatives across the school, develop teaching assistants CPD and develop personally and professionally. I was able to attend management courses as well as core subject courses. I was also responsible for developing a new curriculum for Year 6 and more specifically developing opportunities for more able learners. I feel like I have strong middle leader experience and have achieved a great deal in terms of data/children's standards in the school, etc.

    I resigned at the end of the last academic year to focus on Maths teaching which is a real passion of mine. It was a big leap but I went self employed. Since September, I have been doing regular part-time supply (which has been a real eye opener and enjoyable) as well as working part time with another local RI school, helping develop their maths pedagogy and leading intervention/booster sessions with their underperforming Year 6 children. They have labelled this as a freelance maths consultant role (I think this is over egging the pudding a bit!) I also tutor 1:1. I have enjoyed this immensely. However, I actually miss being part of a school full time and I'm keen to look for position for September 2016.

    I still enjoy teaching, and would be keen to maintain a part time teaching commitment, but feel I am ready for deputy headship (or assistant headship). I have loved leading Maths but I'm keen to broaden my scope.

    Would being out of a full time position this academic year put me at a huge disadvantage? Is competition rife? I know there are some areas of the country where shortages are present. I am pretty flexible about where I move. My partner is self employed (not a teacher!) and can be anywhere for work!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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