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Moving from temp to permanent contracts

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by irishmurdoch, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. I accepted a temporary teaching post at an independent senior school
    in November last year and was told at interview that there would
    'probably be a permanent position' depending on how other staffing
    arrangements panned out. Unfortunately, between accepting the position
    and starting work in January I found out that i would need to ask for a
    short period of sick leave for medical treatment for a newly diagnosed
    condition and informed SMT about this at the end of my first week . (I
    didn't know about this at the time of the interview or i would have been
    upfront about it then). Things have been going really well and I just
    had a very positive observation by my HOD, so I was really surprised
    when a colleague happened to mention to me today that the post had been
    re-advertised and asked if i was going to apply.
    Soooo....i am wondering what to make of this situation:
    it normal to re-advertise a position without officially informing the
    person currently in post? (Apparently the ad has been up since Friday,
    which means i have lost a precious weekend if i did want to apply.)
    it normal to re-advertise a position before the person currently in
    post has completed their probation period? I haven't been visited by a
    member of SMT yet, even though my induction docs state that this should
    happen during the first month.
    My first job was a temporary
    maternity cover position that went permanent after the teacher decided
    not to return. I was simply asked to sign a new contract and didn't have
    to have another interview. Was i being naive to assume that this would
    be the process followed by my current school?
    Would be grateful
    for any advice on what to make of this - is it essentially a vote of
    no-confidence? I don't want to go through the humiliation of being
    rejected at interview and then have to work here for another 6 months,
    if they've already made up their minds about me!

  2. Just bumping this up because the deadline for applications is looming... not necessarily looking for legal advice - would be useful just to hear what others' gut feeling is about the message the school is sending me with this...
  3. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Seems odd to re-advertise so quickly...
    I wouldn't say it was normal but maybe there has simply been a break in communication, rather than anything sinister.
    It is not unusual.
    It is very difficult for somebody outside of the situation to comment on this, sorry. However, I would say is was extremely odd to advertise when somebody had only been in post for a month. Are you sure that it is YOUR post that they are advertising?
  4. Yes, it's definitely my post. Nobody else is leaving the department and they're not expanding. Thanks, it is useful to know that I may have misunderstood the processes for recruitment of temp to perm staff. Independent schools all seem to have different policies on this. However, a colleague has hinted that the school has a history of 'getting rid' of staff who have been deemed unreliable, e.g. suffering long-term illness, so this puts another bearing on things.

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