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Moving from state to private

Discussion in 'Independent' started by Snoopy.Dog, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. Snoopy.Dog

    Snoopy.Dog New commenter

    I have teaching in the state sector for over 20 years. Been HOD (science), HOY, DH but am growing increasingly frustrated particularly when the school I'm working at is RI and it does not seem to want to do any "enrichment". I went to public school (Bristol Grammar) and had a world of opportunity -fencing, theatre etc. I am an outstanding physics teacher -but if, for example, I wanted to set up a Fencing Club -no funding. A book club -it's a "under the English department" remit. No clubs run after school. My behaviour management is second to none -but my CV it is getting dry.

    I'm coming up for 45 and going to relocate in the next 3-5 years back to the Bristol area and will be looking for a post in the indep school. I know they are not all the same but I want to do a 10 years of "throwing my life and soul into a school" before I look at retiring. I have young children right now -but they will be 11 plus so I can afford to give my indep school more of me or saturday school.

    But if I look at my CV -courses on in the last 3 years -nothing, clubs run -nothing although I am going to run a science club after we go back to school. If I want to do an astronomy club for example -I even got people from a local club willing to come in to run one and the HT was like -no, the students have buses home and if we can't provide transport we can't run it. Literally nothing -and this is similiar to the last 3 RI schools I have been in.

    So if someone is moving from state -what they do to "interest you" -as I've 3 years to do enrichment on myself - I've signed up for first aid course, I'm a local deacon in a church, I'm a director in a local drama group.

    Any other tips?
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Speak as enthusiastically in your application for clubs and so on as you have here. Talk about all the things you can do and how you can make them happen. (To be fair there may not be any money in the indep school either!)

    Reading everything you've written above, you'd be a sure bet for almost all schools, add in the proof that you're an amazing teacher and you've got the job!

    Honestly, being an outstanding physics teacher would be all you need, depending on the role you apply for. All your enthusiasm and experience will help you no end.
    Get on and apply and the very best of luck...I moved a few years back with just under 20 years experience in state.
    From a teaching point of view there are no regrets. Covid has shown just how insecure poorer independents are though.
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  3. CabbageWhite20

    CabbageWhite20 Occasional commenter

    You sound very employable as you are.

    Independent schools often like as many staff as possible to be involved in sport. If you would be happy to do that and have a modicum of experience that would probably be v welcome. Preps often try and have every child playing in matches regularly so they need lots of people who are happy to coach/drive a minibus etc. and it is often part of most staff timetables.

    Good luck.
  4. jarndyce

    jarndyce Occasional commenter

    I've worked in four independent schools and have never done any sport whatsoever. :)

    It really comes down to the enthusiasm you communicate. They will ask you what you would bring to this school, not what you have done elsewhere.

    It's not really the done thing to criticise your current school in an application, so I wouldn't explicitly mention the lack of opportunities you have. However, you should certainly mention it (briefly) in interview. They will sympathise, and respect you for trying.
  5. andywhizz1

    andywhizz1 New commenter

    Go for it. I moved from state to independent after 7 years including 4 as Head of Department. I have been very happy working in senior independent boarding schools ever since (18 years). I am also a Physics teacher and from your enthusiasm in your post you will be snapped up. I also do no sports but run Astronomy GCSE scholars Enrichment and other academic clubs and teach a bit more which suits me down to the ground. Good Luck.
  6. Snoopy.Dog

    Snoopy.Dog New commenter

    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to sign up for some courses -STEM enrichment and I'm going to volunteer for the IOP and sign up to be a GCSE examiner. Outside of school. I'm a Director of a local drama club and a Deacon at a local church. There is no enrichment at my current school and going to be even less than nothing over the next two years.
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