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Moving from state to independent

Discussion in 'Independent' started by lottielan, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. I am an experienced state school teacher, feeling exhausted and under pressure. i have seen a job in an independent school and am considering going for it.
    My worry is that there would be no way back. I feel I need a break and from the pressure but my heart is in state education.
    Has anyone else made this move... or moved back?
  2. hoglett

    hoglett New commenter

    Go for it but just because it's independent doesn't mean less pressure.
  3. I wouldn't worry about the "going back" part. You are experienced in the state sector and if you did wish to go back then you have the evidence that you can cope in the state sector.
    As to pressures (having worked in both) - it is different. In my opinion (and only my opinion) the staff body work harder to provide things that the maintained sector have extra staff for. The extra curricular, parents evenings, reports etc. can be much more demanding but there are fewer paper tasks for the sake of ticking boxes (if you know what I mean) in independent.
    Try - you never know what will happen. May I suggest you arrange a visit - that way you may get a feel for the place and know if the change is right for you or not. Best of luck.
  4. Hello,

    Old thread I know but I too am considering an independent school position having worked for three years in a good state school. My main concern is not being able to go back into state education afterwards; I am a HOD (which I've been doing for a year) and the advertised job is also for HOD but I want to progress further than this in the future. I am concerned that applying for, say assistant head posts at state schools, in the future whilst currently being in the private sector would be a disadvantage. Could anyone give advice on this?

    Rowntree girl, could you message me with your experiences (interested in the difficulties you faced going back to state?)

    Thank you
  5. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Why would you want to apply for an assistant headship in the state sector rather than in an independent school? The pay is normally higher and conditions much better in the latter.
  6. ValentinoRossi

    ValentinoRossi Star commenter

    Pay and conditions are not necessarily better in independents. Depends on the school.

    But do not even consider applying for jobs at independents if you are committed to the state system. Not because you are worried about getting back into state schools, but because if that is your mindset, you are not the kind of teacher any reasonable independent wants.
  7. Thank you for your reply

    It is not necessarily about wanting to change back to state, but rather about what options would be available at the time. In the area I live the vast majority of schools are state, not independent (as with most areas of the UK) so I would not want to limit my options if that makes sense. I don't have a set preference for either sector; I am state educated and that is where I have chosen to work so far, but I am open minded and intrigued by the benefits of the private sector (the job I have seen is a significant pay increase). My concern is that not all head teachers would be open minded about me having gained middle leadership experience in a private school then looking for SLT positions potentially in a state school.

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