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Moving from OCR RM to AQA RM...?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by doodle_dt, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have just about had enough of OCR's GCSE RM with the sustainability yawnathon and 2 "controlled assessments" which are supposed to be short, but are definitely more work for staff, if not for students.

    I am seriously thinking of swapping my current Y10 group from the OCR course to the AQA RM course. However, this could be slightly dodgy as I've not taught AQA RM before (only PD) so not entirely familiar with the mark scheme etc also, and more importantly, I want to start coursework after half term, but I can't seem to find the task list for controlled assessment.

    Therefore my appeal for help is:

    1. Has anyone recently swapped from OCR to AQA for RM (or the other way around) and if so what do you think?
    2. Where can I find the topics/tasks list for the controlled assessment? (I can't seem to find it on the website!)

    Thanks :)

  2. Oops sorry, macs don't seem to pick up the paragraphs I put in :(
  3. You will need to register with e-AQA to get the task list. If your school already uses AQA for anything at all your examination officer will be able to set that up for you.
    PS - serves you right for using a MAC :=}
  4. I moved last year for OCR to AQA, because my pupils took the two exams in the first year and failed miserably. The thought of them trying to get two piece of coursework done to a suitable standard to get at least grade C was not good. (NECK ON THE LINE)
    So I’m doing the AQA course with my pupils in one year it’s a lot less pressure on me as I only have one piece of coursework to keep track of and is extremely successful practically wise and the mock exam was not bad.

  5. Thank you so much! That's really helpful! :)
  6. P.S. Has anyone bought this (priced £152 on Amazon, sorry I wasn't allowed to paste the link) Flexible D&T: Flexible D&T for AQA GCSE Teacher's Pack: Resistant Materials [Loose Leaf]****if you have bought it, is it worth it?! Thanks!!
  7. Looking on the publisher's website it says,"Flexible D and T is fully endorsed by the Design and Technology Association, www.data.org.uk".
    Interestingly it is not endorsed by AQA itself.

    It does have schemes of work, lesson plans and PowerPoints. Could be useful when revising.
    Amazon does allow you to look at a section.
    Presumamably inspection / approval copies are available from Folens. Although the last school I worked in stopped us using those services due to the high cost of return postage - oh and some people "forgot" to send back unwanted copies so the school got charged.

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