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moving from Nursery to year 5 - any tips??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Mount_girl, Apr 3, 2012.

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    As the subject says I'm moving from teaching the Nursery for the past
    5 years to going to teach in the juniors in year 5. Can't wait for the challenge
    but its also a huge step.

    I've never taught in the juniors, so any tips would be appreciated.

    What do you do on day one apart from the class rules?
    many thanks

  2. In the summer term?
    Treat them as the experts and ask them to tell you, especially after two terms with another teacher.
    Do your homework and make sure you are ready for all the awkward questions when you are teaching them - and if in doube, "and what do you think?" is a good response.
    Enjoy the new job!
  3. hya mount girl i teach year 4/5 now and in the last 6 years i have taught year 3, yr 2/3, y6, y5. I have loved every year and the best advice i can give you is remember to be fair, firm and enthusiastic this has worked for me each year. I remember panicking about year 6 as i moved from year 2/3 and felt i didn't know the curriculum for that age group but it all worked out. Enthusiasm is definately contagious! Rewards need to be consistent and earned not just for the sake as they can see right through ploys lol x Good luck and if i can be of any more help message me x

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