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Moving from KS2 to EYFS?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by CurrantBunn, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT who
    specialised in KS2 during my PGCE. Although I enjoy working with KS2
    aged children, I find the formality of the structured lessons,
    constantly having to project my voice all day, teaching formal PE
    lessons (it's about the loud voice thing again), doing whole school assemblies and being responsible for SATS
    results too stressful and exhausting and know being a full time KS2
    classteacher is not the job for me.
    I have enjoyed working in early years settings
    as a TA and Teacher on supply, and was wondering if I may be more suited to
    teaching this age range. I prefer the more informal structure of
    learning, the possibilities for creativity and the strong nurturing
    aspect of the job. However before I set off in this direction I would
    like to ask you EYFS practitioners if I'm being unrealistic. Do
    nursery and reception teachers stay up until midnight every night planning resources
    and completing EYFS profile assessments? Are the demands
    just the same as other primary teacher roles and is the risk of stress
    and burnout just as high? I am thinking of volunteering in a local EYFS
    setting to find out if I am more suited to it.
    One last question -
    if I do decide to move into EYFS teaching, what kind of training and/or
    experience should I do to help me secure a position and have the
    necessary knowledge and skills for the role? I already have QTS but
    don't feel I currently know enough about EYFS planning and areas such as
    phonics to take on a role comfortably without the opportunity to
    shadow/TA/volunteer and get to grips with the planning first.
    Currant Bun :)
  2. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Why not try and get a short term contract in EY or Y1, to try it out. You need to set aside the workload issue first and decide whether it is the workload that you dont enjoy or the teaching of KS2. To me it sounds as though you dont enjoy the teaching either and when you dont enjoy teaching you cant endure the workload. The workload in EY will be no less just different, but if you enjoy the teaching then you maybe able to accept the workload.
    Jobs outside teaching with the recession are no less stressful. Yes we work long hours during term time, but you do get frequent holiday breaks. My hubbie does 40-70 hours a week and only gets 5 weeks hol a year.

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