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Moving from good to outstanding school- what makes the difference?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by dippydiva, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. What do you think moves a good school to be an outstanding school - what are
    the key things that make a difference?
    Is there a fomula?
    Has anyone done any good "from good to outstanding training?"
    How would you tackle moving a school from good??
  2. What do you think moves a good school to be an outstanding school - what are
    the key things that make a difference?
    Is there a fomula?
    Has anyone done any good "from good to outstanding training?"
    How would you tackle moving a school from good??
  3. An easy route to success is to follow the lead of many headteachers and refine your methods of cheating in the SATS.
    Alternatively reflect on how hard you are working and the efforts of your staff and chill out happy that your school is good!

  4. I don't think there is a set formula. Their can't be at that point. There is no one thing that will MAKE you Outstanding. I think that is where some HTs get it wrong when trying to move a school from good to outstanding. At that point, it really is looking at the needs of the school and tweaking those areas.

    Though, I find the above post offensive in making it sound as if outstanding schools have to cheat on SATs to be outstanding. The poster is right about relaxing a little and making sure your staff are happy and feel good about what they do. When this happens, they start to do things that make a real difference. Then, the children are happy and it all creates an atmosphere that allows for real, quality learning in ALL areas of life... not just academic.

    PM me if you would like. I can tell you a bit more of how we moved our school from Good with outstanding features to Outstanding.
  5. If you think there are not many Heads cheating in SATS go to the QCA Maladministration section and find the truth.
  6. That is not what I said. I follow the rules to the letter. However, you can't say that a school only makes it to Outstanding by cheating on SATS.
    The inspectors came in telling us that our SATs should have been higher. I argued a variety of points and had them agree that SATs is not the end all and be all of making a school outstanding.

  7. Heard of a situation where a child was approached by our head in the SATS and was pressurised to change her answer. On resisting, it turns out there is no protection from the QCDA as it didn't affect the accuracy and correctness of the results. The Head is pushing to move school up the ratings but surely we should be more cocerned with the ethics or at least aid the detection of these offences.
  8. QCDA Maladministration - forms - yes numbers, cases etc not that I could find.
  9. I've worked with a number of schools that are outstanding. All of them are very different but have one thing in common. They've worked like crazy on the quality of teaching so it is consistently good or outstanding. The bar is set so high that weaker staff either get there with support or leave
  10. I'm interested in what 'worked like crazy on the quality of teaching' looks like in practice as it's my role to do this in my school.
  11. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Interesting to see that this thread started in 2009 and was revisited in 2012 as there is now a world of difference between outstanding in the pre 2012 framework and outstanding now!
  12. Yes, I haven't heard of any schools who have reached the holy grail of Outstanding since Christmas. What do we have to do to achieve such awe and wonder? I always had a sneaky suspicion about some Heads (not all) who could, with very poor data, talk and harass the hind legs off any inspector and not let them leave the school site until the right grade was awarded. Will that no longer work? how about those who deliberately down score on entry and KS1 data to look glowing at ks2? There are also those who have made their children appear more vulnerable than they are to beef up the value added. Fluttering eye lashes, flirting, being a bit argumentative, dramatic or just full of it can take a poor inspector off guard. Being honest, pretty good at your job, straight forward and not putting on a show maybe the new fashion. We'll see.
  13. Or just give them plenty of tea and cakes. A well watered and fed inspector will be a happier one. The staff will still be shivering for a crumb of the same hospitality but there not that important......
  14. Can anyone tell me exactly what the truth is about an Ofsted visit being triggered if your school is outstanding overall but got a 2 for teaching and learning?
    Thats where we are currently...a small school only 6 teaching staff and all outstanding grades from inspectors but 1. They went in to watch teaching 3 times and gave satisfactory grades for all lessons so they gave us 2 for teaching and learning.
    Micheal Gove said recently that any school getting a 2 for T&L would not be included in the 5 year inspection arrangements.
  15. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    Apologies I don't know - but are you really saying your school was deemed Outstanding when all your teaching was seen as Satisfactory!
  16. It's possible for inspectors to see satisfactory in the majority of lessons but grade teaching as overall good. This is because teaching is judged over time, not as a snapshot during the inspection. If the school's own judgements are seen to be accurate, through joint observations and through the progress pupils make over time, then the inspectors will go with that.
  17. Here's a few things I've seen off the top of my head :
    ASTs and lead teachers involved in coaching and mentoring as well as SLT
    Masterclasses for good to great
    'Goldfish bowl' room set up with 2 way mirrors and cameras for commentary led observations in groups
    Residentials for satisfactory to good teachers
    Weekly T&L newsletter
    Coaching 'triangles'
    'Micro teaching' video clips available on VLE
    Key ring or index cards in every room for teaching tips ( hotseating, jigsawing etc.)
    Active school improvement group consisting of range of staff including NQTs
    Open invitations by staff to see 'experiments' in the classroom (on a board in staffroom)
    Inset given by many staff including 'inset bites' lasting 20-30 mins twice per week
    Directory of good and great practice so everyone knows who is good at x and y and z - mentors can then use this to direct staff to see them
    Compulsory mentoring for grade 4 staff and intensive support for consistently grade 3 observed lessons
    In academy 'families', staff go to teach in other schools for 2-12 months to share experiences, work in larger faculties or teach pupils from different backgrounds
    VLE area devoted to T&L and used daily

  18. @ R13,

    I apologise for not being clear when I added my question.

    We were all seen teaching and graded outstanding bar 1 member of staff. She was seen 3 times and judged to be satisfactory on each occasion so the lead inspector would not give us a judgement of outstanding for teaching because of one member of staff.

    We all worked hard for that judgement (as all schools do) but wondered if what Mr Gove had said rang true
  19. Have just been tackling a cheating head in a SATS scenario but from the point of view of a parent trying to console a worried child; there is no support system now as it falls to the governors since 2002 to choose the way forward and it doesn't take much for them to lose the complaint in a system hell bent on projecting blemish free views of schools.

    Outstanding is nowhere near as important as trustworthy and local knowledge of schools is far more significant than OFSTED or league tables.

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