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Movies in Spanish for under 15 years old

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mireia1, May 16, 2011.

  1. I would like to find some movies in Spanish for my GCSE Spanish groups. I'd like to buy around 5 movies. Any ideas?
    Is the Pan's Laberinth a uner 15?
  2. I think Pan's Labyrinth is a 15. I am not sure if it is really that suitable. There are some really violent scenes, I had to leave the room at one point. I think it is a great film and so interesting because of its insights into the immediate post civil war. Of interest in GCSE students not so sure.
    There are so many great recent Spanish films. However when I think of showing them in school, they are just too full of sex scenes and of violence.
    Butterfly's Tongue might however fit the bill.
  3. I have shown Pan's Labyrinth to GCSE groups and have fast forwarded the violence etc. The majority love it and say that they want to watch it again! I'm sure quite a few have rented it out so they can watch the graphic scenes at home! Mira for GCSE has a film review on this film.

  4. I must be turning into a wimp. If you want civil war and feminism (and scenes of torture, which you could fast forward), you could try the true story of Las 13 rosas. The last of the rosas died only recently in Valencia.
  5. bristolchav

    bristolchav New commenter

    "Innocent Voices" is a really good Spanish film 12A - it is a true story too. Both my year 9 classes loved it!
  6. nickiswiss

    nickiswiss New commenter

    Valentin is really good, and there is a brilliant workbook on the resources section, to go with it... I also watched Volver with my year 11 group. They like that too...!
  7. I agree - my Year 9 pupils were engrossed by this!
  8. Cobardes is a good film to show with the topic of Education. Bullying theme also you can find a study guide with Corner House.

    A Del Rio

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