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Move up day with Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinkflipflop, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Does your school have a R to 1 transition period in place?
  2. rc07

    rc07 New commenter

    Not sure yet - only found out today so will have to ask the current reception teacher. What exactly do you mean by transition period - as in time in the autumn term when Year 1 still follow reception style curriculum?
  3. When I was in year 1 we had already started transition by this week. Parents meetings, class swaps etc. I am assuming that as you have only been told about a 'move up day' that there isn't a long transition period in your school.
    For the Autumn term we would then continue with the reception timetable in the year 1 class and children would not move on to NC objectives until ready.
  4. I have taught in Year 1 for the last three years and am now moving to Reception. On move up day I usually get all of the children to work with me or my TA to paint a self portrait - we use mirrors to get the children to really study their faces and talk about features, etc. We also get all of the children to write, copy or trace (depending on how able) their names onto strips of card. I also like to take a picture of them too - this helps with remembering names and we then use all three of these for our Welcome to Year 1 display in September. Other ideas include getting the children to make a birthday train - again with the portraits, with each painted carriage representing a month of the year. Small circle times are good to get to know the children's names and find out one thing about them and they of course can ask you questions too. Getting the children to decide on their class rules is also a good activity for swap day and again this is another instant display for September. Hope this helps!
  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I talk to the about the topic for September and ask them what they want to learn about it. We then spend time making things for the role play and set it up together. (This is usually on the last visit in the last week before the holidays). I also try to have pegs and trays labelled in the last week so I can show them where they will be hanging their coats, putting packe lunches, book bags etc.
  6. Pippi

    Pippi New commenter

    We only do this for one lesson.
    The past couple of years (with Y1) we have made named pictures which I use to pick the helper of the day. We did the ********** self-registration teddies, then last year I made some fish, and then we changed to rockets during the space theme (I mislaid the fish ... but they turned up once we'd made the rockets!)
    I put a Velcro dot on the back then we stick them on an appropriate background to display the 'Helper of the day'
  7. I usually get the children to make paper plate faces (paper plate painted with googly eyes and wool hair stuck on and nose and mouth drawn on in felt tip) and write their name on a card and then I put these up together for a nice display at the beginning of the year.
    I also have various other activities out and have had a house template in which the children can draw and label who lives in their house before.
    I also take their photo as I put all of their photographs on the door at the beginning of the year.
    Am looking for new ideas this year as I have more afternoons with the children, so hope there are some exciting ideas to come on this thread! I like the idea about asking them what they would like to learn...will definately do that!
  8. Ps. I have already met the children for a story time and a circle time and they are having a session in my classroom with their teacher next week too as part of transition.

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