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Move to New Zealand or stay in the UK?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by jermar, May 24, 2012.

  1. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    What a dilemma. Do I move my family and I to NZ or stay in the UK. I have been round in circles with this one (and the wife). Would love to hear pro's and cons.
    I have lived and taught in NZ.
  2. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    What a dilemma. Do I move my family and I to NZ or stay in the UK. I have been round in circles with this one (and the wife). Would love to hear pro's and cons.
    I have lived and taught in NZ.
  3. Read recent posts on the subject.
    The job market is bad here at the moment. If you have a job in the UK, keep it. At least for now.
  4. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    What if you can get a job!
  5. Honestly, in the current climate, it'd have to be an iron-clad offer. Read the article I linked a week or two ago......jobs on the way out. There are lots of teachers already out of jobs and more to join them.
    A recent, bitter immigrant ranted about his experience coming here and not being able to get a job, so you'd have to be very, very sure that you had one to come to and it wasn't going to disappear.
  6. Think the ranting was more from you.

    Jermar, aside from this - he's right.
  7. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Really? Why?

  8. wairua

    wairua New commenter

    I second that - Really? Why? The question was UK or NZ - How has that got anything to do with NZ and Aust?
  9. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    Thank you, great advice. I would never rant against NZ, it was great living there.
  10. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    I don't think I ranted. However, I apologise if you feel I have.
  11. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    My Aussie friends always wind me up and say I would be better off in Australia.

    A silly comment, apologies.
  12. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    It hasn't really, but I have apologised in another post.

    But what are the pros/cons. I would seriously like peoples thoughts.
  13. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    As Sidinz has mentioned the job market here is a bit uncertain. Hekia Parata the Education Minister at the moment (give it a few more months though...) has literally just been on t'telly back-tracking/ flip-flopping etc, so who knows what is going to happen.. A lot depends on what level you teach and what subject you teach. There's a lot of talk about national standards, performance related pay, larger class sizes, more accountability. Bit of a ball ache to be honest. HOWEVER, if you currenly teach in the UK these will be at least familiar, national standards (SATS), performance related pay (threshold) and larger class sizes ( 27 in yr 9+10+11 and 17 in 12+13. Pleased to note, these will be average class sizes, and both are smaller than my current Yr11 and Yr12 classes..) The greater accountability thing? Well, there's a lot of dead wood in my opinion and some pruning wouldn't go amiss. Personally- and you did ask for my thoughts, and this is what you are getting- I have a sneaky feeling that they are threatening all these changes, when they only want one and by withdrawing the others, they seem reasonable...
    Ooo, is that the time. More later...
  14. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    Huge thanks. That is what I was looking for. I did teach in NZ until 2009 and still have a lot of friends over there, but it is good to get opinions from those who do not know me. I am a shortage subject so getting a job doesn't appear to be too much of problem even over here. The changes over here,whenilst I was in NZ have been huge. The job is now ridiculous. Standards have dropped hugely and to be honest there is not a lot of difference between GCSE and A level with NCEA levels 1-3. If the made the externals more important to gaining level 1-3 I would say they now go beyond GCSE/Alevel.
    Ofsted, league tables, performance pay, shocking behaviour, lack of respect from all areas, I could go on for a long time.
    The culture over here is scary if you are thinking of bringing up your children.
    Thanks again
  15. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Wait, there's more...
    In my opinion - and it is just an opinion- I have a better work/ life balanace, standard of living and lifestyle than I would in the uK at this moment in time. I live in a beautiful- albeit wet- part of the world and we have school housing. My wife is able to choose to stay home and look after Master S. The people are warm and friendly, the climate is agreeable and life is nice. I'm quite happy thank you very much.
    Downsides- well, we're three hours away from the nearest escalator, if we have a serious medical problem it is a chopper ride to Chch, and we live in the goldfish bowl of a small town. There's a few bits and bobs form home that we miss, but on the whole we're quite happy and looking to stay put for a wee while yet. Might move back over the hill in a few years time...It would take something massively dramatic to make me move back to the UK.
    Teaching is changing here- but it is changing all over the world. Kids aren't what they used to be etc etc. The current government is all free market economics and consumer driven choice. The next government may be different. Who knows what next year will bring...

    For the moment, I would say (and remember this is my opinion) that if you have the chance to come out here and you can get a job then you'd be daft not to at least give it a go.

  16. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    Thank you. That has been incredibly useful. I hope all stays well on the West Coast of the Mainland.
  17. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Ok. What gave the location away then?[​IMG]
  18. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    The wet bit and 3 hrs from ChCh. I lived top of the south for 5 years. The sunny bit!
  19. I too, found it pretty obvious where you were......even before you mentioned the chopper ride to Chch.

    I knew that you'd previously been in Timaru, so as soon as you mentioned the rain, I had you pegged. But to be honest, anyone not familiar with the SI might not have picked it up.

    I grew up in Chch and often felt like thanking the Coasters for keeping half my rain for themselves. ;-)

    OTOH you can boast of living in one of only a handful of regions worldwide that are home to temperate rainforests.

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