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move from secondary Sen to eyfs

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by griffi2000, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. woolly2000

    woolly2000 New commenter

    I have working in my current post as a secondary teacher in a special needs school for 8 years. My move to secondary phase happened was not planned but happened when I took a job in a special school. I was originally primary trained and worked for 4 years in key stage 2. At this stage I am really missing primary teaching and would particularly like to move to eyfs. I applied for many jobs as a reception teacher in my early days of teaching but because my experience was with ks2 I never got an
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  2. woolly2000

    woolly2000 New commenter

    this posted before I could finish writing - I never got an interview for ks1/ early years as my experience was in ks2 so I am assuming that I am even more unlikely to get one now. Is there any thing I could do to gain experience in this phase? I currently work 3 days so I could volunteer/ try to find supply for one day a week? Or would it be useful to do a course? I currently teach below NC level 1 and so have experience of teaching phonics, early reading and numicon. Any suggestions would be great
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  3. missbrakes

    missbrakes New commenter

    I am currently in a similar situation to you, I have trained and taught in both secondary school and college. However I would like to re direct to EYFS. If you do mange to find any courses or information on this I would be so grateful if you can update me please.

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  4. teacha

    teacha Occasional commenter

    I transferred from secondary to primary and haven't looked back! I started off by doing lots of primary supply through agencies, which led to primary jobs. Supply is a great way to learn how everything is done. Good luck!
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