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Motivating students

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by stadenman1, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi, would anyone have any suggestions about motivating disengaged students whilst writing assignments.Thanks
  2. Hi, would anyone have any suggestions about motivating disengaged students whilst writing assignments.Thanks
  3. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    I work in a Primary. Are you allowed to scaffold for the students? Perhaps some are overwhelmed by the task and don't know where to start.Are you talking about Secondary school students or College students?
  4. I work in secondary and have used all of these - sometimes they're successful, sometimes not.
    Chunk the task and provide a framework. Talk about what smaller questions need to be answered - and in what order - to complete the task. Write these down and the student can answer them one by one. If that is too advanced, you could provide the questions and/or sentence starters.
    Does it have to be written? Could they complete the assignment in some other format: video, powerpoint, etc.
    What is the purpose of the assignment (does it contribute towards a qualification? is it practice?) and what benefit will they get from it (do they need a certain grade to get onto a course they really want? are they trying to move up a set to sit with friends?) and keep reminding them of what why the effort will be worth it.
    Remind them of previous good work and (hopefully) how easy they found it once they started.
    If the piece doesn't have to be in their writing and they will have a scribe in exams, give them some practice now. Let them tell you what to write for them and write it down exactly as they say it.
    Model good work. Do a similar task beside them (similar so they can't copy but they can still learn from your work habits).
    I'd love some more ideas myself so I hope some more TA's answer this one!

  5. I work in Year 3. In Numeracy I ask two of my lower ability pupils how many questions they are going to get right during the lesson and I reward them with housepoints if they are correct. I find it works with one pupil every time and the other about 80% of the time as he gets easily distracted.

    I know there are probably better ways to get them working, but they seem to enjoy the competition with each other and challenging themselves to get more answers right.

    These particular students are able to do the work but struggle to concentrate so I use this technique for them while I support other pupils who need more guidance.

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