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Mother Teresa

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by deva_1982, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I have recently uploaded an assessment on her.
    I find assessment prep lessons about the best to be observed; afl, exam technique, games etc.
  2. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    There are some great resources/ideas on Mother Teresa at http://learningtogive.org/lessons/unit37/lesson2.html
  3. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    If you can, track down the film that BBC made about her work some years ago. I used to use it a lot. You can show it in part with some thoughtful questions to discuss afterwards. I'll have a quick look for it on Youtube and BBC sites.

    Does anyone else know the film I mean? I remember at the time the BBC cameraman saying that when they filmed in the temple which she used as a place for people who were dying, the light was not sufficient for filming, but because it was so moving he continued filming anyway. When the film was developed this part came out fine with a very gentle light that 'by ordinary scientific principles' was simply not there.
  4. Thank you so much for your help with this!
  5. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Just added another file of Youtube videos on Mother Teresa. These include a film made in 2003 about her life, very interesting, you could show it older classes in instalments, Its a bit slow and complex for yr 7 or 8 I think, as it really does trace the whole history of her work, including the ins and outs of Catholic politics etc.

    do let me know if you have any other good resources - films, books or anything else which I should include to make the resource as complete as possible. I would particularly like to track down the documentary by Malcom Muggerage 'Something Beautiful for God' which I used to use but no longer have.
  6. They also have a right to learn that the charity runs homes for people with TB and leprosy - two conditions that can be cured but they are not given antibiotics, they are instead taught the rhythm method and given a 'Catholic death'.

    Don't believe me? Have a read of her nobel acceptance speach.


    This woman flew herself to the US for medical treatment when she needed it but denied it (and her followers still deny it) to others.

    It is worth discussing in class, but that is discussing, the good and the bad, not just saying "hey this woman is wonderful".
    expose your student to the criticism as well, the article in the Lancet
    describing pain medication being withheld on principle, syringes being rinsed and reused.

    FInally please read this interview
  7. I don't think someone with terminal TB or leprosy would be very interested in methods of contraception. Your charge doesn't make much sense.
    Maybe they can't afford antibiotics. Other agencies are free to set up their own charitable institutions where antibiotics are available, but they'd probably face the problem that they'd have to turn most applicants away, because you need to be trained doctor to know what antibiotic to administer (dispensing them ***** nilly causes resistance to develop and does more harm than good), and it's hard to get qualified doctors, medical training is very expensive.

  8. not my charge - did you bother to read the speech?
    " And also, we are doing another
    thing which is very beautiful - we are teaching our beggars, our
    leprosy patients, our slum dwellers, our people of the street,
    natural family planning."
    That is a direct quote. I actually agree with you about it not being of much interest.

    Read the rest of it.
    The drugs for leoprosy are provided via WHO free. Free to everyone in the world and they are not antibiotics.

    In the case of TB you only need a Dr to prescribe antibiotics, anyone can give them out. I doubt a slumb dweller in Calcutta has had numerous exposures to antibiotics.
    Yes medical training is expensive, but mediciens sans frontiers seem to manage to recruit a few docotrs.

    You mention people with terminal leprosy and TB - the fact remains that these diseases are not only treatable but curable, but the homes for the dying do not even attempt to save lives.

    Please have a look at the facts, read MT's speech and ask yourself why you find it acceptable for an organisatioin to raise money to provide a death but not to prolong life.

    Surely this is relevant to education. Looking at both sides, not just accepting something at face value the publicity machine.
  9. So she's teaching poor people natural family planning. By leprosy patients she presumably means people in the early stages of the disease. Natural family planning is a way of limiting family sizes whilst respecting the integrity of the human being. Contraceptives are what corrupt Westerners use, and they are taking down our society - they're the root cause of the current financial crisis.

    So medicins sans frontiers may be doing an excellent job. Because they're an organisation of French doctors, they can recruit volunteers with medical degrees. Mother Theresa's missionaries of charity maybe can't.
    I agree here. There's a tendency to accept religious organisations at their own self-evaluation.

  10. What???????

    And I still think telling someone with leprosy that they can get free treatment is more useful than family planning advice.

    MT's charity is the richest in the world, they can afford the odd doctor.

  11. NoseyMatronType

    NoseyMatronType Star commenter

    If I was teaching Mother Teresa, I'd certainly be playing Devil's Advocate and would have serious concerns about anyone who presented her as an untainted paragon of saintly virtue. Christopher Hitchens, for example, writes in God is not Great, '...only a few years ago Mother Teresa denounced contraception as the moral equivalent of abortion, which 'logically' meant (since she regarded abortion as murder) that a sheath or pill was a murder weapon also'.

    And here's Bryan Masters writing in 1996:

    'Mother Teresa is before all else a sincere, committed ambassador for the Vatican. When she says that the greatest single threat to world peace is the practice of contraception and abortion, she believes it, and cannot see, because she does not think, that she is talking bunk. Though she sees all around her the disastrous effects of unchecked population, the misery and wretchedness which result from from the denial of contraceptive possibilities, she encourages those evils, even rejoices in them. She has applauded the world's most wicked, life poisoning dictators, such as Haiti's Duvalier and Albania's Hoxha, because they welcome increase in population and express their love for the poor by rewarding prolific mothers and punishing sensible ones. In short, she is not a charitable force so much as a dogmatic one. She is, perhaps, the best living exemplar of the dangers of an empty head allied to a decent heart.'
  12. Too many old people, not enough young people.

  13. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Mother Teresa and Abortion

    I think there are many interesting and important questions and perspectives expressed in this thread which could be edited to stimulate some great discussion and research, so I have copied it and am uploading it on the resource where I have given the links to lots of good youtube videos about Mother Teresa.

    Although I disagree with MT on the subject of abortion, I appreciate the sincerity and strength of her passion to protect and care for life in all its stages, from conception to the grave.

    I have read that from the perspective of reincarnation and karma, the soul can enter the foetus at any stage from conception to birth, but usually does not connect with a foetus until the latter stages of pregnancy. If an abortion occurs before a soul has made this connection, then an abortion is no more spiritually significant than having a tooth out. It is just a matter of the mother's body.

    But if the soul has made a connection and then that foetus is aborted, the soul just flies back to the 'soul's world' where it was before. No actual harm is done but the soul may be angry or frustrated at loosing this opportunity for its next incarnation - and that anger can harm the mother, causing her to have problems with subsequent pregnancies.

    From the perspective of karma, it is more serious to bring a child into the world without a loving family who want it, than to recognise you have made a mistake and correct this by having an abortion.

    This is an interesting perspective to share with your students when covering the topic of abortion.
  14. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    I've added all this thread to the Mother Teresa resource, to encourage debate in the classroom.

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