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Most valuable in your classroom?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by PinkZebras, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new here, currently studying to be a primary school teacher.

    I'm starting to look forward to having my own class and am wondering what people here think is the most valuable thing they have in their classroom, or best idea that they use. I'm really just gathering heaps of ideas for things I can do to create a really great classroom :)

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Many years ago, I was at a lecture and was asked what the most valuable resource was in our laboratory. "The IT system" I replied. Apparently I should have said the staff!!
    So on that basis - it's the pupils and a good TA.
    And you of course - with your creative skills!!
  3. Might sound odd - but I have been teaching the same class for over a year now and 2 weeks ago I introduced a 'worry box' - it has been very successful and has allowed those quieter members of the class to share their concerns - I usually have the same children complainng about play ground things etc everyday, but now I really know what it going on in their little minds.
  4. I'm introducing one of these tomorrow in circle time. My class is lovely, but has a child or two who struggle with anger issues and another who has a nervous tummy ache from time to time. Her GP rather unhelpfully told her parents that she is probably being bullied even though she will happily tell me that no-one is unkind to her. She is shy and reserved though and I think this will help.
    I'll just have to remind myself to look in it though.
  5. I am a TA of over ten years and have worked inlots of different classrooms.
    In my opinion the best classrooms are those that are tidy and have good storage (not easy for our poor, overworked teachers and TAs). Enough trays and drawers for all the resources and organised cupboard storage so that you don't spend ages searching for resources.
    Think about whether you are going to have pens/pencils/scissors/whiteboards/pens etc in the centre of each table or have them stored in a central place. I currently work in a classroom with pots of pencils and crayons in the middle of tables and find they can be a bit of a pain. They topple over, children fiddle and fuss with them etc. My previous teacher place the whole class resources on a central table marked out with the shapes of the pots and labelled with photographs so that tables remained clear of too much table clutter.
    I would suggest taking photos of classrooms that you visit to give you ideas for your own classroom.

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