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Most useless or bizarre piece of Ofsted feedback...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by WD, May 13, 2005.

  1. Observed by a LA inspector and HOD, with a group from hell.

    Managed their disruptive behaviour, got them working, got them learning.


    The inspector could come up with no ideas how I could have improved the lesson, my classroom management, lesson planning, activities, style of teaching were all excellent (?)

    So I asked the obvious question - why satisfactory?

    Because in the first 5/10 minutes of the lesson some weren't learning and according to the ofsted guidlines it couldn't be anything else but satisfactory.
  2. NQT20089, I'm sorry to say, the inspector has a point! (No, I don't work for OFSTED and hate them as much as the next sane man or woman.) In the situation you describe, it was highly avoidable BUT what does happen when your TA is ill? It must happen at some point or other. OK, strangers in your classroom might be less of an issue when OFSTED are not in school, but does your school have a policy on covering TA absence? I work in secondary and have to plan for not having the TA I should have more often than I would like because our Learning Support team is understaffed and any absence has a knock on effect. For example, I have a statemented girl in Y8 who should have support permanantly, whereever she is in the curriculum. I went for over half a term without any TA support and it was only when Y11 went on study leave, that I got a TA back. A colleague of mine, who shared the group, never saw a TA all year with the same group.
  3. I completely understand what you are saying, but for this particular child he has to have full time TA support due to his very high levels of aggression, disruption and sexualised behaviour. The classroom had to be risk assessed before he was allowed to come in, in September and I had to have the 'health and safety in the workplace' assessment which concluded that I or any other member of staff were to never be alone with him. Therefore, in this particular case it is paramount he has support. He shouldn't really be in a mainstream school and will be moving to special school from this September. He isn't even allowed to go to the toilet unless someone is with him and has checked that the toilets are empty first. An extreme case for a statement.
    The two other children that are statemented are for emotional, behaviour and learning needs and I've managed to work with them without a problem. The Deputy Head said she wouldn't be able to manage the child in question without TA support at all times.
  4. Good grief! lead OFSTED inspector should have been shot.
  5. shellyf

    shellyf New commenter

    mmmmmmmmmm now there's an idea!!!!!
  6. thebigonion

    thebigonion New commenter

    OI - "You don't seem to know the children very well."
    Me - "No - it's Wednesday, and I only started here on Monday."
    OI - "You're teaching like you're a supply teacher."
    Me - "I AM a supply teacher."

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  7. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    These are brilliant! But very, very frustrating - how do they get away with it?!

    A fine example from my delightful Reggie 3 years ago.
    "You're causing a lot of instability in the management structure" ( I was 6 months pregnant and had come out of hospital 2 days before the inspection)
    Me: " I'm sorry what do you mean?"
    Reggie; " we'll you've had time off and you'll be going on maternity leave in September"
    Me; " Well excuse me for having a life outside work"

    Worse still - this was a woman - so much for sisterhood!
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  8. From my last inspection:
    PJ: So when should I come to get my feedback?
    Inspector: That won't be necessary - there isn't any feedback. I can't think of anything to say.
  9. I trust the lesson was rated as Outstanding.
  10. I was Head of PSHE and Citizenship in my last school which was in Special Measures,when it wasmy turn to speak to the inspector as all Headsof Department had to do, the conversation went a little like this:
    OI - so your Head of PSHE and Citizenship?
    Me - Yes I am
    OI - Ok thats fine we will give your department a good.

    He didn't see a single piece of paper, Scheme of Work,Mapping Document or even ask any other questions. It took me ages to get all the paperwork together and I was in there for all of 5 minutes!
  11. Like they'd know? You are attributing intelligence and skill to an inspection system based on tick boxes and a brief observation. If all of the inspectors could do it (teach) we would all be better off.
    In my college (Grade 1) the inspectors were all from colleges with lower scores. Now, what is that telling you?
    Don't you just love working with "experts"
  12. This one made me crack up!
    When I was at uni my personal tutor called me into his office because he had concerns about me. He then went on to ask me if I was ill (I am incredibly pale) because I always stood out in lectures to everyone where I was so white.
    When I explained that it was just how I am he then went on to explain in detail what colour scarves I should wear when teaching!

    In my 2nd year of teaching I get heavily criticsed for not using my interactive whiteboard in a lesson...even though the member of SMT knew full well that it wasn't actually working!
  13. One of my students on her final placement had an appalling tutor from her university who failed to turn up, (twice!!!) for scheduled observations and then blamed the traffic! When he eventually did deign to graces us with his presence, he spent 15 minutes in the back of the classroom, then the rest of the time in my office telling me what a great teacher he had been! Gave meaningless and generic feedback, to a weak student, that really needed more support. ( She did improve and we actually offered her a position when she finished)
  14. Teaching placement comment: 'your too confident'

    Sorry next time ill be shy, boring and mumble to a class of 5 year olds... [​IMG]
  15. God forbid that we have confident teachers capable of delivering the curriculum. What we really need are spineless whingers that will bow and scrape to OFSTED inspectors to reassure them of their lofty status.

    It never ceases to amaze me the arrogance of the inspectors.
  16. 2nd year of teaching, full 5 day inspection. Challenging Y3/4- PE lots of Sherwood apparatus.
    OI - That was an excellent lesson well done, etc, etc.
    ME - Thanks - went into staff-room ***-a-hoop and spoke to rest of staff to discuss process.
    Later - OI - Please do not go around telling everyone your were excelent, it is not official feedback and you weren't.
    Me - downcast, sorry ma'am
    Offical feedback form after inspection - excellent for PE....
    Same inspection:
    D&T was on a rolling termly basis and not scheduled for this term. Explained that to lead inspector who said was fine.
    Arch-Daemon with D&T remit: Are you the D&T co-ord?
    Me - Yes
    OI - I'd like to see a D&T lesson please, I'll be in on Friday afternoon (it is wed pm)
    Me - oh...
    Feedback on Friday - a good lesson but was under prepared.
    No s**t Sherlock
  17. From an intenal advisory servoce inspection:
    That was a good lesson as it stood but I have to say it was unstaisfactory as it did no follow your scheme of work. I reply
    I know but there is a server / software conflict and the children can not access the program needed. I have reported it.
    But , you are the ICt co-ordinator you should be able to solve that. I reply
    I can't, I have no access the server and the IT technician can not access the programs.
    Mmmm that is a problem , what can you do to solve it. My reply.

    No what can you do ... its your policy ... you agreed with the techies and imposed it at the last ICT meeting.
    Oh we did didn't we.
  18. I think this sounds rather thoughtful. Perhaps he was being helpful and aiding you with your CPD? It showed that he had listened...
    Alternatively, he liked you!
  19. LEA- " You use the word gorgeous too much"
    LEA- after watching a PE lesson- "I got really excited when you did that roll"
    Ofsted- " You are an extremely talented teacher and that was a great lesson but I can only give you a very good because I have never taught reception before so I am not really sure what should go on".
  20. Some LEA advisors should be examined... I don't think anyone should be in this position permanently.
    OFSTED told my team not to take it to heart or personally. I also had the feedback that although learning was excellent, one group had gone wrong at the beginning, and I had missed them, so satisfactory was all I could achieve.
    After being observed forwards, sideways, backwards, inside out and upside down by LEA,SLT and OFSTED and tryig my best (like a moth at a lamp, or labrador fetching a ball) I have developed anxiety attacks. What do they want. Well, starting to think a load of NQTs to burn out and then replace within five to ten years.

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