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Most useless or bizarre piece of Ofsted feedback...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by WD, May 13, 2005.

  1. Not OFSTED but when I was doing teaching training my link tutor observed me twice...
    The first observation... "Excellent. I've seen more experienced teachers do a worse lesson"

    The second..."You've struggled all the way through this course. You'll just scrape through"

    Talk about confused!

  2. Ofsted inspector to a colleague...

    -The plenary was satisfactory.

    -What could I do to make it better?

    -You could have got the children to do it.


    -Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Long pause.....Bye

    Inspector walks out!

  3. Got watched in guided reading, I was leading a group as the teacher and was told in my feedback
    'No plenary'
    my response 'I did return back to the text'

    ' No I said plenary'

    ' Is not returning back to teh text like a plenary and it was in my lesson plan'

    'I did not see that in your plan'
    Pointed to the bold writing in teh plan taht said RETURN TO TEXT'

    ' Oh missed that'

    Felt like saying ' Do you want to attend a guided reading session so your reading can improve!!!!!@

    Second one was a school of 400 children got told we were not healthy as 1 yes 1 child said they like eating crisps at play time HELLLLLO
  4. these are just the funniest, takes alot for me to lol but almost every post so far! keep em coming! (just on the flip side, i had hmi today, 1st time ive been observed and was a wreck with worry! guy was lovely, he gave me really positive feedback, and graded it a good, bless him!)
  5. ijd


    Not OFSTED...but ISI...Independent Schools Inspection...same format though...

    I was observed by the female s cience inspector from a school about 70 miles away...she was really nice and helpful...anyhow I was doing a lesson on the effect of exercise on the body for my Yr 5's. Plans laid out in triplicate as ever...lol...well not the back of the elec bill anyway...lesson called for children checking their pulses at rest...we had practised pulse finding for ages...class had to be totally at rest...so next to the science lab was the asembly hall...took them in there and got them to lie on the floor as we had planned...put on some 'Enya' music for 5 minutes...at end of that the class was to carefully take their resting pulse. then we were to go outside and exercise quite vigorously for 5 minutes, take their pulses and plot a lovely graph of everyone's results. PERFECT you would imagine.
    Well yes...all started well and after taking their resting pulses we went out...during their vigorous exercises I could see the science inspector and sent one of my boys inside to find her...out he came a moment later saying she was still in the hall..."oh never mind," I said to Elliot, "perhaps she's writing up some notes about the lesson."
    "oh no Sir. She's asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    laughed...well I could hardly stop and my eyes were welling up. Anyway the noise of them going back into the lab must have stirred her into action and into the lab she came a bit red faced. She apologised and said it was the best bit of relaxation she had had for ages and she would recommend her colleagues to come and have a go!!!
    Naturally I got a belting good report which is still online to this day...lol...strangely no comment about her falling asleep...oh memories what memories.
  6. Not Ofsted (although have my first one this week, feel a bit better reading a lighter side)

    My PGCE subject tutor told me she couldn't stand the smell of me (I smoked at the time!)

    Same person criticised my version of a Blues scale and forced me to teach her incorrect version. Mine was 100% correct and validated by the second in dept, a Blues musician!

    Finally same person told a previous student not to wear tops that showed her shoulders as it was unchristian!
  7. again not ofsted, but this from my asst head/nqt mentor who had just observed me teach science from a plan he had written as subject leader (he had written all the plans for every year group that term as exemplars) - you could have had a better learning intention for this lesson. me - er, i used the one on the plan. him - yes, but you should have improved it. me - er... him - i think the activity was a bit weak in some ways too, didn't seem very well thought through and could have been better designed, there could be better resources. me - er, yes i see your point, again i took it from the plan. him - right, yes, could have been better. long pause. me - er, you wrote this plan, no? him - yes. another long pause. me - ok, fine, satisfactory it is then, 'scuse me i've got things to do. him - let me know if you need any help with your planning!!!!!!! argh!
  8. indychick

    indychick New commenter

    On PGCE I was being observed by a teacher (not my mentor) whose class I had been teaching.

    She marked me down for 1) Not knowing the book.
    2) No Pleanry.

    Fair enough, you may think.

    1) It was a techniue I had been encouraged to try by my mentor to get the pupils to rcap the story so far to me. When I told her that, all she said was "Well I did think it was a bit strange taht you did not know the book".

    2) I DID do a plenary. However as she left 15 mintes from the end of the lesson to get her tea from the staffroom before it got busy for breaktime, she did not see the question session and recap of objectives!

  9. notasstressedasilook

    notasstressedasilook New commenter

    I was told that a science lesson should have failed because I moved the PORTABLE cooker into my classroom and didn't have electrically tested before I used it.
    They passed me though.
    B@**&!y stupid.
  10. Thank you all, had a horrible observation by an HMI today, at least now I am crying with laughter lol!
  11. Not feedback - but was observed just before christmas in a year one class. The children walked in saw the inspector - "Who's that? Is he your friend? Didn't know what to say so said he had come to see how clever they were. Two minutes later one of the kids suddenly turned around looked at him and shouted at the top of her voice "Is your mate Father Christmas?" Then the whole class were convinced that he was Father Christmas for the rest of the session.

    Ho ho ho!
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  12. This is such a fun topic...

    Is anyone taking note... Ofsted you are more incompetent then any of the teachers you have ever observed!
  13. Again not OFSTED but an NQT obs by the Head

    Only comments were "Your locker doors were slightly open" "Er yes and have you looked to see whose locker?!" It was his sons!

    "The blinds are broken" and have been since I started at the school

    And he spent half my lesson tellig off one child for beng late!
  14. Thank you all so much - I have never laughed so much in ages!
  15. only two criticisms - we didn't use the text book enough and I should work less and spend more time with my children!
  16. By chance 5 boys happened to be ouside on the bikes when the OI came in (reception) she asked me if the bikes was a gender specific activity. I wish I'd said "Yes, the girls are inside knitting and baking!"
  17. My friend who has terrible knees (due to rugby injuries) was "told off" for not demonstrating the triple jump. The woemn who mentioned this was that large she could hardly walk!!! She couldn't get up the two flights of stairs to observe yr6!!!

    People in glass houses...
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  18. shellyf

    shellyf New commenter

    My Reception teacher was informed that reception children should be choosing "self initiated" tasks for 80% of the school day!We were given inadequate for EYFS as of course our children weren't.
    Reply to our complaint arrived from OFSTED today they are" SORRY" we were given incorrect information.Well you know what....sorry really isn't good enough the judgement should be changed.
    Wish me luck as I am sure I will need it.
  19. I had ofsted in the December of my NQT year. In my class I have 3 statemented children who all require 1:1 support due to the level of violence and agression that they will demonstrate. All TA's were expected to meet with one of our inspectors at 10:30-10:45 with my numeracy lesson starting at 10:45, this included all said children's one to one TA's. The other inspector walked into my room as one of my statemented children went crazy due to their being another person in the room and his TA not being in the room. He threw something at me and started going crazy, I followed his behaviour plan but also had the rest of the classes safety to consider. The TA's arrived into the lesson at 11:15, rushed over to the children and I was then able to return to teaching the rest of the children. During the feedback later that day the inspector said the lesson was satisfactory with good elements, as said boys didn't make progress with their learning due to their behaviour. She said 'You need to consider how you handle these children when you're on your own with them' to which I replied 'They have full-time statements, so therefore I shouldn't be on my own with them' she paused looked at me and said 'Of course I understand that, I do feel partly responsible for putting you in that situation' I said 'Well yes as the meeting took the TA's out of my classroom.' She said 'Well yes, I do apologise for that but just consider how you would handle this class if you were suddenly left on your own, if your TA's got ill or something.' At that point I nearly walked out!

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