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Most useless or bizarre piece of Ofsted feedback...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by WD, May 13, 2005.

  1. kscience

    kscience New commenter

    OHHHH and really get ****** off with SLT feedback. GOOD and one sentence which outlines the topic and no development points, even when sought out and asked for!! Grrrrr

    Sorry about the ramblings but after 3 years in special measures I have had plenty of OFSTEDs and HMIs to compare. Funnily enough now we are out the SLT are determined to make us keep going through it!!!

  2. Dear Selwyn

    in response to post number 73, how's about also making it clear to Ofsted inspectors that they need to praise the positive and what the teacher has done well. too much on the "what could be improved" only demoralises and takes attention away from all the hard work and effort teachers do on a daily basis with their classes.

    as teachers we are always encouraged to praise the positive, and the results are outstanding - kids love it and interest and learning increases greatly. I think inspectors need to follow suit.
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  3. Alex_W. I couldn't agree more.
  4. Best one I had from HMI was firstly I am too short for the class and also my classroom is too small!

    What did he suggest, a nice DT project involving brick laying and plastering?
  5. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Overheard this from an NQT today.......

    The lesson would have been better if it wasn't in the last week of term.

    The observer had cancelled no less than 5 weeks running before finally turning up to a lesson!
  6. years ago, when i was teaching in haringey, the lay inspector wandered in to a particularly difficult Year 10 group, just after lunch on a friday afternoon. He seemed to be at loose end, I suppose because the other inspectors were busy compiling their report. He stayed for about ten minutes and then left. As he passed me, he looked over his shoulder and said quietly, "You've got a right bunch of c@@@s here." For those of you who suspect this to be a joke, i was was stupified by the remark, thinking i had misheard him, which perhaps i did. I could not really have said, "Pardon me. What did you say?"
  7. How is the comment of one OI during a yr8 practical lesson on rhythm patterns (using drums as a tool) as being "the lesson was very good but far too loud"!

    Or, "the classroom was too hot" during a summer inspection and in a classroom with all windows open as much as possible!

    And during my student posts one HT asked me if I thought it was professional to have a beard!

  8. 41 and 44 - Sunshine - I have a student with that name - will I be done if i use it?

  9. you are not going to believe this....

    This ofsted Science inspector told me to get the yr 10 class to mark the yr 9 classes work, the yr 11 class to mark the yr 10's work and so on.....

    Great advice.....but I've taken it one step further.

    I buy about 150 red pens each term and let the little ******* mark their own work.
  10. ijd


    just remembered an early LEA Inspector visiting me whilst on first year probation...the day before this jackass arrived the caretaker said that my classroom was to have some remedial work done of the windows at the weeked and the Head wanted to know if it was OK to have an area set aside for some materials to be stored...yes if they are discreet and away from the inquisitive year 6 class that i had...that's OK he said no-one will notice them...so he hides them away and the Head came in and said it was fine...next day Jack Ass from the LEAS arrives and in the feedback I get criticised for keeping my DT materials under a bit of old carpeting and that i should not use such equipment in the class!!!!!sent Mr Ass off to see the Head...10 minutes later the caretaker was withdrawing the stuff out of my room cursing the inspector as he went...did I get an apology from Mr Ass???????????...don't be so daft!!
  11. Quote: "Well I suppose you've got the tools to do the job".

  12. "That was a very good lesson"
    "What could I have done to make it excellent?"
    "Nothing really - but a boy in the back row was chewing his pen..."

    And from a tutor on Teaching Practice - at the end of what I thought had been a great improvised drama lesson in the hall with Y9 "remove" -
    "If you must teach this bloody stupid subject, get in the classroom, make them sit down and get out the Shakespeare"
  13. If you CANNOT actually "hear yourself" break wind then the class is far too chatty/noisy?

    Or if you feel "happy to break wind loudly and carefreely in an unembarrassed way...", then the class MUST be too NOISY to care or not on task?

    [Assuming you are of course not suffering from undue flatulence?]

    Let the wind (hotair blow freely...!)said the Inspector but not from me...OK
  14. "That was good but you should smile more" said the uni tutor, whilst observing me do a science investigation with a group of juniors. I would have done if he hadnt sat next to me, so close I kept knocking his arm, and the whole lesson with a frown on his face and shaking his head at intervals. Turns out he does the head shaking unconciously whilst thinking about other things. I just became more and more worried as the lesson went on. I think he needed to take his own advice.
  15. Coversation with the OfSted bod after spending 1hr 10mins watching me teach (you'd have thought he had something better to do!)

    Inspector:"That was a good science lesson."

    Me: "Thank you"

    Spector: "Are you the Science co-ordinator?"

    Me: "No I'm music"

    Spector (with pity & disbelief resonating) "Oh dear wrong lesson again"
  16. I had a 'satisfactory' grade some years ago, for a lesson where the inspector came in at the end of the lesson just in time for me to say 'Please line up quietly and lead off to the hall'. Since then I have not had much time for inspections or inspectors.
  17. A similar thing happened to a colleague of mine. Then they observed her later and judged that lesson to be outstanding.

    Her overall grade: "outstanding with elements of satisfactory"

    Absolute nonsense!
  18. One of my colleagues told me that during the schools last inspection the OI turned round to a year 10 work experience pupil from another school and asked "what university are you doing your teacher training with" she said in reply "i ain't at uni, and u fink i wanna be a bloody teacha" (rather common girl apparently), OI said that volunteers at the school were spirited and unafraid of voicing opinions to verify truthful facts.
  19. The same inspector observed a music lesson one day and then a geography lesson the next. After the music lesson I was told I should have let them make more noise and shouldn't have controlled the lesson so much - 36 year 3s with percussion instruments. I had told them at the beginning that anyone who touches their instrument before I say would have to put it away - I insisted the 3 pupils that did to put them away - apparently I slowed the pace of the lesson too much. In the geography lesson the next day where they were working in groups to sort photographs showing land use. Bearing in mind his comment from the day before I didn't worry too much about the noise level as they were all on task. I was told they were too noisy and I should have stopped them more often. I did give feedback to the inspector in terms of 'I feel I can't win here'
  20. Last week, nursery children playing hospitals. Ofsted rated it good but said did I realise I was only pushing the boy to do the writing and not the girls? I thought you were supposed to get boys writing coz they don't tend to choose to do it and also he was the nurse filling in a chart about his patient! The girls had chosen to be patients what were they supposed to be writing? Also commented that the 2 girls who were being patients had pretended to be boys by giving themselves boys names! So?!!That's what little children do!

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