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Most useless or bizarre piece of Ofsted feedback...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by WD, May 13, 2005.

  1. During the inspection that we had the PE department had to use a leisure centre across town as we had limited facilities. The inspector was sent there by taxi. The taxi couldn't find the place at first but the inspector wasn't too late. He observed the match played on the first football pitch and gave the lesson a reasonable report. It wasn't until he tried to give feedback to one of the teachers that he reaslised that he didn't recognise him - our school was playing on pitch number 2!!! Our staff had noticed but didn't bother to say anything. They just pleaded ignorance and avoided the inspection!
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  2. Not ofsted but SMT
    never refer to a child as 'Sunhine' as in 'Well done, Sunshine, great answer' as in was innapropriate language.
    Makes me wonder sometimes
  3. During an Ofsted inspection last year I had the chief insepctor come to a PHSe lesson. On this particular day most of the class was absent due to snow. At the end of the lesson the inspector said to me "have you noticed the dust on the shelves at the back of the room?" I mean, what do you say to that??! I was going to suggest that she give me some cleaning tips, but I thought it best not to! If that was her only concern, then I don't think there was too much to worry about!.
  4. I had an inspector go through my file, lesson plans and mark book. She spoke to the students and was present for the entire lesson.
    At the end of the lesson she said it wasn't the lesson she had hoped to see, called me by a different name and we discovered she was in the wrong room.
    She acted as though it was my fault.

    A different inspector, same inspection, entered the room 20 minutes into the lesson, tried to refuse my lesson plan, mark book etc, settled into a chair and promptly fell asleep!

    Apparently he did that with lots of the lessons he 'observed'.

  5. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter


    Does sound patronising - or sarcastic. What's wrong with using the child's name?

    Suppose it might be appropriate in some strange sort of context but I think, shotts, that SMT person knew what they were talking about.
  6. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Go on, now make me look silly by saying that you were talking to a youngster whose name really was "Sunshine"!

    Interestingly, the O.D.E. only gives one quotation for "sunshine" as a term of address. It's the threatening "Hand it over, sunshine."
  7. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Is "Don't sit on the table" useless or bizarre?

    Perhaps my training was old fashioned but I was taught how to address a class on two feet, standing still but moving for effect. Was also taught how to teach from a chair. Was also taught never ever to give an exaample of slovenliness by sitting on a table. Suppose what we used to call "manners" changes over time.

    I still don't let children sit on tables, though. And I don't myself.
  8. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Again, not Ofsted, but all the same ....

    When you kneel on the floor, you get dirty knees.
    It's good to get down to their level when you talk to them.

    So should I mop the floor then?
  9. an inspector had the bright idea to hid behind some bushes to observe the children at play time....unfortuneatly a passing parent reported him to the police!

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  10. That's hilarious, Buzzb, so I won't sue over you stealing my name.
  11. Another non ofsted but a piece of feedback on teaching practice - grave omission in my lesson plan! In te box marked 'use of ICT' I shoudl ahve written ' used a computer to write the lesson plan' - yes cos I had so much time for writing more **** like that on teaching practice - get a life!(She didn't liek PGCE students apparently!)
  12. Our English Inspector at the end of our oral feedback blew me a kiss as he left and the member of SMT gasped'Do I minute THAT?'He did!
  13. Your lesson would have been excellent if you had a whiteboard..... well I didn't have a bloody whiteboard did I.
  14. lol @ hippy

    ive got anohter one (1st one being given two science books as a present ....)

    ofsted "watching the first part of your lesson was a straight FAIL,,,, however, i was curious so i came back at the end and now i deem it to be a satisfactory"

    what a ****
  15. In an OFSTED, earlier this year, an inspector, after the lesson, made a show of looking through my lesson plan, finally asking, "I see no evidence of your knowledge base." When I asked her what she meant, she replied that she could see no evidence that I had "amassed a knowledge base for the subject content of the lesson, other than what I saw you deliver during the lesson."

    I wonder if, when she goes to see her GP, she asks him or her to show her Gray's Anatomy.

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  16. Thanks so much for giving me such a good laugh - I haven't had the pleasure of OFSTED yet (only 2nd year of teaching) but I shall look forward to their useful comments now...

    particularly amused by the one who fell asleep.
  17. You are good; last year you would have been a very good.

    (so I just said, does that mean that if I stay as good as I am now, I will be incompetent in three years' time?)
  18. Inspector sat in the lesson and said at the end that it was 'satisfactory' as she didn't think I'd pushed the kids enough. When I queried it and explained that I had wanted to ensure that every child would be able to do their preparation homework for the next English lesson in the computer room. I had really been innovative because my HOD had asked for a volunteer to do English in the computer room and I had!

    She appeared at the start of the next lesson, watched the whole session and asked for a printout of every child's work. At the end she gave me an 'excellent' and said that she could see what I had meant by my last lesson but refused to change the 'satisfactory'!!
  19. Class of 28 bottom set Year 9s - mainly boys and lots of behavioural issues. Inspector suggests, "Why don't you play them dolphin music to calm them down"???

    Observed by reg I, who watched half of my first lesson. Two days later, I was still waiting for her feedback. I finally caught up with her and she startd giving me feedback for some-one else's lesson. I explained she wasn't talking about my lesson and she insisted she was. Anyway, said it was very good so I asked how could I have made it excellent. She suggested an idea which is exactly what I did in teh second half when she wasn't there!!!! She still insisted she was there for the full hour.

    Anyhow, next morning, she came to find me in my room and apologised she had the feedback wrong. Was still very good and ony missed it being excellent because she couldn't be ***** to stay for second half!

    Also, our sunject inspector expected interactive board to be on and in full use every lesson. I explained it was one teaching tool out of many but she was having none of it. Got marked doen because didn't use IWB in a lesson.
  20. on supply during inspection ( they knew this)... Why haven't they been on a trip these past 3 years? Hmmm

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