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Most useless or bizarre piece of Ofsted feedback...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by WD, May 13, 2005.

  1. On Monday I was told grudgingly that my lesson was good but would only have been satisfactory if it hadn't been for the thunder storm! It's a shame thunder and lightening can't be produced on demand! Was also told that it was rather noisy - funny that -it was music with Reception!
  2. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter

    errmmm I'm confused here, so was the thunder good or bad?!

    Are we now expected to produce thunder at Ofsted's whim or is that one of the 25 tasks assigned to TA's? lol
  3. Good apparently. I don't get it either! In my opinion it was a disaster!
  4. I love your skirt - can I have it?
  5. This isn't from OFSTED, but from my headteacher observing one of my NQT lessons.
    He said it was a Very Good lesson and his only criticism was that I shouldn't use my sleeve to wip the whiteboard. He actually wrote that on my targets!

    I wish I'd been brave enough to tell him the only reason I was using my sleeve was that the school had not thought to budget money for whiteboard erasers and there wasn't one in my room at the beginning of the year!
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  6. missbee

    missbee New commenter

    OI "That was a very good lesson". Me: "Thankyou, how could I have made it excellent?". OI "I'm not sure".
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  7. missbee

    missbee New commenter

    OR: HMI "6 hours a week is too much for a course worth 4 GCSEs".
  8. missbee

    missbee New commenter

    Or OI: "I'm not sure they understood Primary Keys". Me: "Well they managed to explain, giving good examples, during the Plenary". OI "Yes well I'm still not sure they understood". Hmmm.
  9. during my final teaching placement, my final observation, the lesson was an hour long, it went bloody well...it was joint obs with my mentor (the class teacher) and the link tutor from Uni...

    the tutor didnt turn up til 5 mins from the end, and because he was late, my mentor got bored and wandered off about 15mins into the lesson. so for best part of 40mins i took a great lesson, we made stop-motion animation movies with multilink (wallace and gromit style) based around Bible stories...

    when he finally turned up, i replayed the movies (kinda hoping he would spot the work he had missed)nd he complained that the lesson overran by 2 mins!!! he put satisfactory for time management!!! he was 55mins late!!!
  10. "I don't know why you bother taking the children out on so many trips. There are some excellent interactive DVDs and software around at the moment. It's much cheaper and you don't have to worry about children falling over or behaving badly."
  11. Not from OFTSED, but from link tutor on teaching practice:

    'You should really write the related learning objectives at the top of your assessment sheets'

    Me: If you look they're here at the bottom of the column. I find I have more space that way and it looks neater.

    LT: Oh yes, so you have, I didn't notice that. Well, I can't change the report now.

    This was after she'd argued with my school mentor about giving me nearly all 'Excellent's on my interim report (But how can she show that she's made progress in the final report?... Why should we mark her down just to make it look better?) AND missed an observation cos she'd lost her diary.

    Also had my Head try and make SEN my prof dev target - as I had a statemented child in my class and another one who was very aggressive. The other 5 on the SEN register were making great progress, so I politely declined.
  12. During a science lesson whilst I was in teacher training.

    OI "Did you not see that child hitting the other with a tennis raquet"

    MMMnnnn! No...I always choose to let my pupils express themselves in that manner.
    No of course I didn't see it you *!*!**!
  13. You have to laugh or you'd cry

    I had a class of 6 severe Autistic boys and used a puppet, Tony the Tiger actually, as a maths stimulus tool. The boys would help Tony with his homework (facts drill ect) or his mother would call him to tidy up his room (sort and classify)

    Mr Ofsted, (who was actually quite nice, its LEA inspections and inspectors I have an issue with........) sitting watching.... the boys of course knew what to expect, my TA would call Tony to tidy his room, very loudly, from outside the door..... Mr Ofsted must have jumped six feet when she called...

    His comment, please warn me if you are going to use a puppet as a leathal weapon!

  14. Looking at post 18 again reminded me,

    HT to T after work experience student asked her what I meant when I asked for the roll and corrected myself to register........you must learn to speak English, if we were in Germany then you'd have to learn German you know........????????????.....

    Native speaker aside, Im not from Essex........maybe that's the problem?

  15. A friend of mine received the stunningly useful feedback that she 'has a pronounced accent'. She has a soft Irish accent - she's clearly Irish but nobody would have a problem understanding what she's saying.

    She's not sure what she was meant to do with this feedback!
  16. Belladonna, I was unsuccessful at an interview in Yorkshire becuse I had a London accent. I think the head was worried they'd all start singing "Knees up Mother Brown" and doing the Lambeth walk in PE.

    My bizarre Ofsted feedback... "The children may not be able to read displays of written work because the display boards are too high." Yes, it's a Victorian school with hugely high boards, which is why artwork was on the high boards, NOT writing... I took it that if this was the only areas I could be criticised on, I must be doing a pretty good job!
  17. Viewing the comment by glitterdustgirl (post 7), I once had the opposite thing happen to me where an OI entered the room just after the beginning of a science lesson, she spent only two minutes in the room and told me that the lesson had been 'excellent' as she had seen all the children involved in the practical (burning materials over a candle flame. (Year 6 class)Lucky me, but what a joke!
  18. stonerose

    stonerose Occasional commenter

    Spent 10 precious school day minutes outlining my new 'baby'- the behaviour policy to the 'lay' inspector.

    In record time I:
    ~charted is development
    ~summed up 2yrs work independently and collectively
    ~pointed out its unusual features that I had scoured all possible contacts to include.

    He gave me a very sweet smile and asked -

    "But don't you have stars anymore?"

    It was patently clear that either he hadn't heard a word that I had said, or he didn't understand what I was telling him.

    Luckily for me, the other 'offals' knew what I was about because the document was passed as good.

    Can someone tell me what sort of training these lay inspectors get- if any?
  19. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    RiverCam: you are in my school!!!!

    Lay inspector commented that all the children had done brillinatly in a maths lesson. However, he demanded to know why I had let a child look out of the window as I was talking! (My class had one wall that was just windows!!)
  20. kellen

    kellen New commenter

    Not an Ofsted one but a HT observation of me.
    HT "you need to make sure that your learning objectives can be seen."
    ME "You mean the ones on the board?"

    HT "Two students didn't know their target grades."
    Me "They were absent."

    Actually, one was absent for taking dope and was sent home by the head and the other didn't attend school on days when she had PE.

    Total t*wat.
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