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Most useless or bizarre piece of Ofsted feedback...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by WD, May 13, 2005.

  1. WD

    WD New commenter

    Don't drink tea while you teach.
  2. WD

    WD New commenter

    Don't drink tea while you teach.
  3. I suppose it could have been worse...

    Don't eat tea while your teaching.

    I have never had the joy of Ofsted - and if I plan my career correctly, I could keep avoiding them for years. However, on my NQT year, my Deputy Head told me I had to meet deadlines more promptly.

    I said "For example?"

    She said "Like the Year 10 and Year 11 reports, for example."

    I said "But they were in on time. I had the Year 11 reports done Thursday."

    She said "But they were due in Friday."

    I said "But, Thursday is before Friday. I met the deadline."

    She suggested my target was to have all work done several days before the due date.

    I told her if that was the only criticism she had of my teaching abilities, then I was more than happy.

    Go figure...

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  4. The teaching was excellent..but the learning was satisfactory, therefore the lesson was only satisfactory...(given shortly after the new OFStEd criteria in 2003)..so what were they suggesting, swap the kids???
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  5. when I was given 2 science books as a present, personally signed by the OFSOD inspector.... what was that all about?
  6. LOL @ post 4...

    That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Was he sweet on you or what?

    How bloody bizarre?

    What an utterly useless present? How random??

    Did anyone explain...

    It's surreal... like I don't know

    Please tell me your subject is History or something, that would just add to the humour!
  7. lol ok this is how is happened....
    Im a primary teacher, was also the science co ordinator and I stated that, i wanted to develop my knowledge in science furhter as part of my professional development, the next thing i know, he had bought be two ks3 science textbooks, (in fact i think ive still got thm in the loft!!!! ill send them to you!!!) personally signed... i was gobsmacked... he just said (infrot of my head n the regi inspector) a little present for you to help you with you cpd.... i thought ***.....was lost for words... didnt even accept them ( thought it was a sick ofsod intiation ceremony or something!) only took when my head said Go on take them!!!

    He btter NOT had been sweet on me, the ugly fat ofSOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. glitterdustgirl

    glitterdustgirl New commenter

    The most useless bit of feedback i was given was.....
    "I thought it was a satisfactory lesson with many good elements - I can't give you an out and out good as I only saw 25 mins, but I'm sure it was fine!"

    Well bloody come in for the whole lesson then!!!
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  9. Oh, I remember a handwriting lesson where the inspector criticised me for not giving enough positive feedback. The children knew my expectations, and they valued a 'good' etc because they knew it was meant and deserved. I went round pointing out errors and how they could be fixed. Hell, by the end of Year 1 half of these children were joining up properly, and several were doing it consistently in their work across the curriculum... Sorry my lessons were such failures, Mr Ofsted wonk
  10. How about this selection

    Don't sit on the table...

    Smile more, I hardly noticed you smiling even though the children were obviously enjoying your lesson...

    Would you mind if I take over for a while, I do this (working in a National Trust property) and I'd love to talk to your children about these artefacts...

    You shouldn't have so many children in here...

    That was good but you could widen your range of activities.... no I can't think of any more and that's not my job anyway...

    Don't do anything differently just because we're in...

    Your displays need not be complete, they should grow with your topic...
    ... This display seems to have a lot of spaces in it...

  11. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    We had a quite incredible bunch. Gave feedback in mid lesson, and one one occasion started a discussion in front of the children whilst waiting for school transport back from a trip.

    Then in the draft report they got the number of students with statements wrong - by 100% - then faxed it to the milkman (who realised what it was and passed it on).
  12. Not really feedback, but our RegI visited on Monday and told us how "lucky" we are to be getting the "full treatment" in July, rather than a 48hrs warning, much less stress, new-style inspection. Perhaps he has a warped sense of humour????
  13. Don't drink tea while you teach? And take the tea out of teaching? (Alright you all thought it I just said it...)I'd rather take some asses out of classes
  14. My wife was told to wear a jumper to cover her bottom if she was going to wear trousers.
  15. In some of the classrooms, the necessity for additional roof supports hinders pupils? progress.
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  16. pocoloco

    pocoloco New commenter

    Don't bend over to talk to children when they are seated.
  17. Not ofsted but SMT

    "your pencils wern't sharp enough"
  18. Don't bend over to talk to children when they are seated.

    Yeah, stay standing up and talk right over their heads, thats a lot better :)

    Actually, I tend to crouch down next to them, or even kneel down if I'm going to be there a while, or I do the teachery thing as viewed from my youth and sit on the table

    Eek, heresy !
  19. puffin

    puffin New commenter

    To a MFL teacher in our school after a french lesson;
    'your accent and use of the target language was excellent'
    to a lady born and raised in france with a name that was clearly not english!
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  20. LondonSarah

    LondonSarah New commenter

    Not OFSTED but during my final teaching practice in a mixed R/1 class: "You are rather tall for a reception teacher..."

    I must have listened on a subconscious level as I now teach Year 6!
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