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Most of my class lack motivation -ideas please.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by andybeale, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. andybeale

    andybeale New commenter

    My school is in an area which would generally be described as deprived. In my 30-strong Y4 class, half are pupil premium and 17 children are EAL with 5 having arrived in Y2 or later. They are lovely, creative kids, but it feels like they don't know how to learn.

    They get very involved in the teaching/learning parts of maths and English lessons - my lesson observations always comment on how engaging my teaching is and how the children appear to enjoy being there - but when it comes to actually using the information and applying it to their individual work, my kids suddenly seem to lose heart. It feels like they are unable to work individually - they begin to chat - usually off-topic - and instead of being able to work with a group I then have to patrol the class making sure everyone is dong their work.

    Their work is of a much lower standard than they are capable of and apart from a group of about 8 children, most of it gives the impression of a lack of care, motivation or inspiration.
  2. intime

    intime New commenter

    I'd suggest far less teacher talk, get the children working much, much sooner, praise and raise your expectations of what you want children to achieve in a lesson, making it very clear what you expect. Try some short, talk for writing activities too.
  3. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    short is the key phrase above for me. possibly use timers or egg timers. give a realistic but challenging target such as 8 lines. You will be looking at paragraphs, so a paragraph at a time written from a topic sentence (given or self written) works well for some of my weaker pupils.
    How is their handwriting? My very weak year 4s have really enjoyed working to improve their handwriting as a core skill for the year. It has become a group dynamic where they want nice writing because their peers have.

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