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Most governors unable to attend a meeting

Discussion in 'Governors' started by planemel, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Heavy snowfall has stopped the majority of governors being able to get to a meeting tonight. The head rang the chair about 40mins before it was due to start but told her she had left it too late to cancel and it must go ahead. Only 2 other governors managed to get in as they live within 'easy' walking distance, in the village itself, to the school but most of us live at least a mile away on country roads so were unable to get there without risking driving or walking on dark snowy roads.

    My question is was she okay to do this? I wanted to be at the meeting, I even set off walking then realised how stupid i was being....The head herself lives in a village 4 miles away which has left her driving down hazardous country roads. She tried to placate me when I said I wanted it marked in the minutes that I didn't agree the meeting should go ahead and thought it was unfair of the chair, who lives in the village, to keep the head there simply because the chair felt if she could get there everyone else should... Plus I feel that if a meeting is so sparse in attendance then well rounded discussions cannot take place!

    Is there anything I can do? Am I right or just feeling righteous? I have only been a governor for a few months so dont really know the ropes and already I dislike the chair so I do admit I maybe slightly biased! However in my defence she seems to have the same effect on everyone....
  2. Simple point is that you were probably not quorate. Therefore the meeting should not have taken place and no decisions etc would have any validity.
  3. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    Blackdog99 is correct. No doubt the few members who did get to the meeting would have left your GB un-quarate and therefore no decisions about any business could be agreed to. Seems to me to have been very unreasonable in the inclement weather conditions for the meeting to continue. It might say something about what kind of chair you have.
  4. Thank you! My feelings exactly!

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