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Most Embarrassing School Moment! It's confession time....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by FoxMad, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Mine is similar to the rest of the 'balls' ones. Today I shouted in PE, ' boys stop messing with each others balls.' These are great! Keep em coming!
  2. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

  3. Not the most embarrassing thing ever but today there was a big spider in my reading corner. I went over to try and catch it even though I'm terrified of spiders. One boy went 'Miss, it's there and it's massive!' I let out a massive scream and jumped back and banged heads with a girl in my class. Unfortunately there was a new boy there who was spending a morning with us ready for September so I'm sure his mum will hear all about the crazy teacher he met...
  4. I can't say I was the one embarrassed , but this memory still makes me giggle.

    It was about 9 years ago and my first OFSTED, the sort of OFSTED where they came and watched you teach, eat, breathe etc..

    It was the last lesson of the afternoon, and as i was working in year 1 at the time, 'people who help us' was our topic. Throughout the half term we had been visited by various upstanding members of the community, vicar, lollipop lady, school cook, firemen etc. This afternoon, however, was the turn of our local community police officer who was going to talk to the children about calling 999 and playing safely. I let out a stiffled groan when the inspector arrived in my room and seated himself in the corner. He glared a little as he squeezed himself onto a year 1 sized chair and started shuffling through papers. The sight of him with his knees almost up to his ears made me smile.

    PC X then went on to introduce himself to the class and as one of his opening lines asked them if they had ever seen a police officer before. An array of hands shot into the air and waved furiously for him to pick them. My eyes scanned the little darlings and then watched as he chose a boy sitting towards the front of the group.

    "And when have you seen a policeman before young man?" asked the officer.

    The young boy looked up and said as proud as punch

    "I saw lots of 'em when they came 'round our house and found me dads weed under the bed"

    The look on the policeman's face was good, but the sight of the inspector coughing violently and falling off the small plastic chair was even better!
  5. zeddy81

    zeddy81 New commenter

    When doing 'musical instruments' with year 5, many of the children were having trouble glueing parts of their instruments together, so (of course) I was helping to make 30 musical instruments. It was hectic, lots of sawing, nailing, cutting and gluing (for me) to do and so I wasn't always concentrating on the job in hand. Having just assisted one child to glue her wood together, using super glue, I was then holding the pieces of wood together tightly whilst she cut the next bits. I was having a chat with another child about what they could do and decided to put the wood down to demonstrate with my hands. When I laid the wood on the desk and lifted my hands back up...yep, you've guessed it, my fingers were super glued to the wood!

    The children thought it was hilarious - I did not. It hurt having the wood ripped off my skin! We've got that unit coming up again in a couple of weeks; so I must make sure to steer clear of any super glue!
  6. missrieen

    missrieen New commenter

    These have made me laugh SO much!! Thanks for sharing everyone :)
    I can't think of any yet but I'm sure next year I'll have loads to add...
  7. That just reminded me of when I was teaching 'people who help us' and we had a policeman in. When he stood up he wobbled then slupped back down in his chair. When he looked down, he had his laces knotted together. One of my reception children sat right in front of him had tied his laces together. I was so embarrased. With the same class we had the sexiest fireman ever come in to give a talk. He popped his head around my door and I blushed he was that nice. I was dressed in a smart dress and matching knee high boots but he made me put on a fireman hat and jacket. After a while he told me to put on the boots. I took off my boots to reveal one brightly coloured spotty sock and one plain red sock. He laughed and said to the kids "look at her socks!" I was so embarrased.
    Another visit from a nurse (teaching year 2 this time) I asked "does anyone have any questions for the nurse?" She had been talking about good and bad drugs.One boy replied "Why are tomatoes red?" huh?

    Not a school story but an embarrasing one. I met my boyfriend's family for the first time at a restaurant. His 4 year old nephew had taken a shine to me and wanted to sit next to me. At the top of his voice he asked "Why are your boobs so big?". We were all laughing and I just said "I am not sure really".

  8. Coming late to the party but our local paper just asked this question so I thought I would share mine.
    My first year of teaching included a grade 7 phys ed assignment (and phys ed is SO NOT my specialty, really I'm not even athletic). But I was determined to do a good job, had even bought new workout clothes and trainers, the whole kit. So the first day, I went into the phys ed office to change. Unfortunately, the door had been hung incorrectly and while it closed easily, it refused to open! I yelled and pounded on the door, and finally my class heard me... it took about 8 of them throwing their weight against the door to free me! At that time we'd lost about 20 minutes of our 60 minute class so my great lesson plan went out the window... we just played dodgeball instead. But from then on I just used the staff washroom.

    The second (and worse, IMO) one happened a few years later, in a new school. I was teaching French and giving notes on Pronomial Verbs. I was explaining that with most verbs have a subject (who does the action) and an object (that receives the action), but that with a pronomial verb the subject does the action to itself. I like abbreviations when I give notes (w/, w/o, etc.) and wrote "That is to say, the subject and object are the same". My love of abbreviation produced: "T I T S, ...". Fortunately I noticed it quickly but judging by the titters around the room I think a few kids noticed. I've sinced typed out my notes on PV and project them instead :)
  9. A lot of mine involve me falling over, down steps, over mats...
    Once at carol practice I popped myself up onto the stage to "see who was smiling really well" and had to sit there for the whole session as I had inadvertently ripped my trousers across the bum on some splinter or something.
    Had to ring my mum to bring me spare trousers.

  10. A few years ago at our school's carol service in church I was stood right next to the Head. Towards the end of the service some of the children took to the stage to play a carol on their brass instruments. They were so unexpectedly awful that I got a fit of giggles, made worse by being infront of all the children and parents in church! The Head then began to laugh which made me worse, she then had to make a speech once the children had finished while wiping her eyes and trying to control herself! I wasn't allowed to stand next to her after that!
  11. My colleague (at secondary school) was covering a Year 10 English lesson where the students were supposed to be planning and writing an 'exciting' opening to a fictional piece they were doing for their coursework.
    One Year 10 lad said he couldn't think of anything exciting, so my colleague passed him a dictionary. He started on the A's, and when she went past him he said "What about anus?" she ignored his obvious attempts to wind her her up and carried on around the room helping other students.
    When she went back over to his place she found he had still not written anything, so said (rather louder than she wanted) "Have you not found a better opening than anus?"
    She was mortified, convinced she would get the sack! The kids found it absolutely hilarious, and so did the rest of the staff when I included the story in my leaving speech this year (well I won't be there for her leaving speech and it was too funny not to let people know about it!!).
  12. Gypsie....this EXACT thing happened to me a few years ago- my TA was almost rolling on the floor laughing and it was so hard for me to not laugh! Glad the kids were oblivious. I also referred to scrap paper as **** paper recently, which we all laughed at!
  13. I have a very long and involved story that boils down to one piece of advice:
    Don't ask children to search for images of Queen Victoria's husband online.... unless you very specifically ask them to type in "Queen Victoria's Husband" rather than this name. [​IMG]

  14. In my NQT year in a Y5 class I taught knitting to a very enthusiastic bunch. I decided to show them some guerilla knitting videos on you tube instead of reading a story, however, hadn't seen one of these videos for a long time. As the images were scrolling through there was a knitted uterus which went over most of the children's heads but JUST as the DH walked in to tell me something, there, on the screen, was a knitted boob! The children who knew what it was started snickering, those than didn't were asking why they were laughing, DH was glaring at me with that "Really?" look on her face while I was trying deperately to minimise the screen! I was SOOOOOO embarrassed. My darling TA looked completely non-plussed and wanted to know why all this fuss was being made over a nice, knitted hat!!
    I watch all you tube videos very closely before showing them in class now.....
  15. When I was 18 I volunteered in an after school club where I was supposed to actively engage with the children during playtime, rather than just supervise.
    When playing outside with a group of 10 year old girls in Summer, handstands was the game of choice. Fond memories flooded back to me of Summer lunchtimes on the grass at school, doing all manner of creative handstands and flips. So I boldly offered to demonstrate my personal favourite, the handstand against the wall.
    It turned out that at 18 I was somewhat less flexible than when I was 10, and my arm to body weight strength ratio had rapidly declined! Needless to say, I 'demonstrated' the most spectacular handstand, wobble, crash against a wall, then slow motion slide down said wall ever!
    The 'supervising' staff loved it, and I had to spend the rest of the day working in my now muddy Summer pastels :(

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