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Most Embarrassing School Moment! It's confession time....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by FoxMad, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. hpblossom

    hpblossom New commenter

    I could go on. I think some of us just have more embarrassing moments than others. Can't think why...
  2. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    That's what I keep telling myself!

  3. Lunchtime had just ended and I went to collect my Reception class from the playground. I usually walk backwards whilst monitoring the children coming into school and had done this for a whole term without any problems. However I was showing off and being silly as I walked backwards and (you guessed it!) I fell over into a small patch of flowers!! The kids shamelessly laughed at my predicament as well as most of the other children in the school. I never look at those plants in the same way any more whenever I walk past them (still backwards but more careful!!)
  4. NFN


    I once opened a wallet in front of colleagues whilst chatting and a 'just in case' condom flew out and onto the floor in front of them. The embarrassing thing was having to pick it up whilst continuing the conversation.
  5. Hilarious! Keep them coming.

    I will share now although it wasn't my personal experience and she'll probably kill me for telling everyone but...
    Back at the beginning of the school year, new job, new school, fresh NQT and first week, the head was walking round popping his head into classrooms and wondering how everyone was getting on.
    He popped in to see how she was getting on, how her first week had been and then signalled to her that her blouse was undone!
    There she was talking to the head with her bra and boobs on show, she was very very embarrassed.
  6. Have just had a good laugh reading these.

    I was on playground duty one summer morning. The children had been playing with various pieces of equipment and the year 6 boys had been playing football and basketball. As I blew the whistle some of the children continued bouncing the balls. You can imagine the reaction from the older children when I bellowed "I expect to see all the year 6 boys hold their balls tightly until their teacher comes!"
  7. I had a similar one to that. We had just finished a P.E. lesson with our year ones and some children carried on bouncing the balls, so I shouted 'Nobody should be playing with thier balls!' The other teacher in there was tittering to herself at the back whilst I tried to keep a straight face.
  8. Used to teach Food tech practical and one day lit a gas oven at lunch time to heat up. When the class came in and sat down I noticed the oven was not lit. walked over to it talking, automatically opened the door and pressed the ingintion and whooosshhh huge flame flew out. singed my hair and eyebrows!!! Someone screwamed "the teacher is on fire!"! Sounds dangerous and stupid now but I bet the kids still talk about it!
  9. I was doing a Science with Year 6 and we were finding out all about Organisms. I didn't say that word but something that sounds similar but is spelt differently and means something totally different !
  10. was playing duck duck goose out the field with my class and thigns were going really well until one child decides to pick me. i got up (threw my shoes off) and chased after the child. lost my footing and went flying, did a roll thing about 3 times on the grass and landed splat on the ground. we all laughed alot about it (altho me and my ta were def laughing the loudest). anyway we went inside after that and tried teaching but my kids were extremly hyper and i didnt help that everytime i managed to calm them down, as soon as another adult came in they all decided to scream " miss fell over!" and demonstrate my spectacular roll!!!!
  11. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    Despite teaching Year 6, we still like to play a few games, including eye-spy. My Classroom Assistant and I were taking it in turns. Because I teach the oldest children, we make the clues a little harder, like "I-Spy with my little eye, something with the initials R-C"- Answer- Remote Control.

    Anyway, it was my Classroom Assistant's turn and with such a wealth of colourful displays in the classroom, her choices were limitless.

    And so she started ...

    "I-Spy with my little eye something with the initials S-O-D"

    There were some titters as the penny dropped, and I totally, totally lost it. I had a serious attack of the giggles. I was in AGONY! I had tears streaming down my face and just could not stop laughing. It took me about ten minutes to recover.

    I told my boss just in case anyone complained (they didn't); he just thought it was hilarious!

    We still play I-Spy, but I quickly took down the "School Heads Inspection Team" poster in the corner.

  12. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    PS: S-O-D = Star of David.
  13. Veronh

    Veronh New commenter

    This didn't happen to me but my poor nursery nurse. Had settled down to lunch with my TA, those were the days..... My nursery nurse said I am just going into the hall to sort out some equipment. Without looking up from our butties....yes right ok.
    Had a nice lunch, other members of staff joined us... where is XXXXX? In the hall. ....Oh right. About half an hour later.... wonder when XXXXXX is coming for her lunch?
    Ooooops she had decided to go to the toilet in the hall. The door handle came off in her hand. She could not get out and there was no-one else in the hall. My poor nursery nurse is not the tallest person in the world and she could not reach the barred and meshed window to shout for help.
    She sat down to contemplate her prediciment, hoping my TA and I would come to the rescue... 15 mins later no rescue party. She had to resort to piling boxes to reach the window and push off the mesh and shout through the bars.
    One lady on the street ran away!
    Another couldn't see where the sound was coming from. The third went to the head to report strange goings on in the hall. The burly caretaker was called just in case we had a dangerous intruder.
    Poor nursery nurse was none too pleased, she doesn't lock the door now...... then there was the time...... not really!!!!
    Thanks for starting this its so funny.
  14. Blimey foxmad - how many have you got?!
    (Don't stop...!)
  15. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    I know, I know, it's not good! (was just looking for an embarrassed smiley then, and have just realised no such things exist in this Forum!)

    Keep them coming everyone. This is providing welcome relief at a stressful time of the year.
  16. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Thanks everyone - what a great thread! If you have enjoyed it as much as I have, I can recommend reading any of Gervase Phinn's books (or seeing him ive as I know a few TESers have done). He is hilarious, and was a Yorkshire inspector who wrote whole bookfuls of these stories.

    Some emeblished, undoubtedly, but superbly funny.
  17. I'm just crying with laughter at these - love them! At one school I worked in we shouted "hold your balls" at the end of every break (it kept us amused). At a staff Christmas party once we played Pictogram. I had to draw "vibrate". My picture was never mentioned until my leaving do when HT commented on it in a speech!
  18. We used to have a single parent Dad who really fancied himself and used to like asking out all the unmarried staff. He used to give us the creeps. One day my friend went to the loo and came out with her skirt well and truely stuck in her kidney warmer knickers and lovely sexy tight. She walked all around the playground at end of school time only for you've guessed it, that parent to come and pull her skirt out for her! Another embarrassing time for me at my victorian 2 storey school was when I went to the loo, and stood up to pull my knickers up only to find the window cleaner there getting a real eye full.
  19. I've also been in a meeting with mainly male staff, when I pulled a folder out of my bag. Unfortunately a tampax came flying out with it and landed at my male heads feet. To give him his due, he managed to carry on what he was saying whilst handing it back to me without missing a beat. I meantime was too busy blushing to concentrate on what he was saying.
  20. Our young and attractive infant teacher breezed into the senior school swimming pool reception to check if the older pupils had left the changing rooms before the little ones could go in with staff.

    Without any pupils in tow (as they were lined up outside) she asked the male receptionist, who had never seen her before, if he had any 'big boys' in the changing rooms!!

    The hunky looking receptionist did not bat an eyelid and mentioned that most women only went to the pool for a swim!


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