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Most Embarrassing School Moment! It's confession time....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by FoxMad, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    Sewerage Works

    It was the day everyone in Year six had been looking forward to; a welcome treat after the labour of SATs. Junior Citizenship Day had been occurring in the South of the County for years, and involved top junior pupils finding out about the pitfalls of quicksand, electricity, local tides, railway lines, fire, etc. Being trapped in a room full of fake smoke might not be everyone's idea of fun, but to the youngsters involved, it was always a memorable experience that they would carry with them throughout their lives.

    So, the morning arrived and, bang on time, so did the bus. I was pleasantly surprised by the improvement on the normal bus that takes us on such excursions; this one had seat-belts and a certain "luxury" factor was evident.

    The troops were duly counted, settled and warned! It was the day of the England v­ Argentina football match, and our coach driver had on his radio. He was Argentinian, and seemed a little stressed. England were ahead. His English was far from perfect, but it did not seem to matter too much.

    The normal venue for the hour-long block of lessons which makes up the Scheme, is at the local Fire-station. A slight niggling doubt festered away at me as we took a left rather than a right at a round-about en-route. Perhaps a minor detour, I thought to myself. However, when we were miles away from the Fire Station and approaching the local Sewerage Works, I could contain myself no longer.

    "Is our visit not to the Fire Station?" I politely enquired (three times to make myself understood.)

    "No, it is at the Sewerage Works," Mr. Coach Driver replied, clearly in a foul mood.

    I thought this a little odd. It had never been held there before, but I weighed all this in my mind, and decided it was within the realms of possibility. A little strange, granted, but I reasoned that there would be safety lessons to be considered at such a venue- such as "don't mistake this for a swimming pool."

    At that moment, my mobile phone sounded. The secretary had a sense of urgency in her voice....
    "You've got on the wrong bus!" she screeched in her Scottish accent.

    Unfortunately, Year 4 had booked a coach for the same time on the same day, but- alas- to a different venue- the Sewerage Works. Our bus had duly arrived- minus seat-belts, and with the small Year six group from the other local school on board, as originally planned.

    This caused chaos. The two drivers were from different companies, and I now had the unenviable task of informing our driver that I had made a major boo-boo. He was not a happy man. Muttering something that appeared to be something less than a compliment, we headed off to the Fire station.

    Ten minutes later, and about half-an-hour late altogether, we arrived at the Fire Station, where local Fire Fighters, police etc. were awaiting us impatiently. At that precise moment, a child directly behind me on the coach threw up the mother of all breakfasts. This boy must have had a sixteen course feast before setting off to school.

    "You pay for the extra miles," said our driver, helpfully.

    The bus arrived from school carrying Year 4, and the small group of Year six children from the other local school. They had persuaded their driver to make the unscheduled detour to the Fire Station. As they got off, their coach driver informed me that we would be billed for the extra journey.

    The teacher from the other school was somewhere between livid and very livid. Our Year four staff ( and parents) seemed to be in quite good spirits, but I am sure they were masking their frustrations at my faux pas.

    Year 4 hot-footed it onto what should have been their coach. I was immediately collared by the staff at the Fire Station who informed me that by arriving late this would have a knock-on effect on all the other schools that were due to visit from across the South of the County that day. As we were first, this would effect some considerable number of schools and, quite literally, hundreds and hundreds of children. Apologies from my quarters were in abundance, but, alas, I temporarily forgot about the child who had been sick, and a child from Year 4- clearly in need of a visit to the opticians- promptly sat in the lot.

    The good spirits from Year 4 staff rapidly turned into disapproving stares, so I decided that we had better get started as quickly as possible.

    We never did get billed for the extra trips. Year 4 had great fun at the Sewerage works, and I now always check to make sure I'm on the right bus. I do consider myself to have been a little unfortunate, as the chances of two different buses being outside our village school on the same day at the same day are less than remote.

    To this day, I am still teased about this incident. Even a local fire-fighter who was not present at the time, but whom I play table-tennis against, made reference to it. Another head-teacher recently instructed my pupils after a football match, "Make sure he gets in the right car!!"

    So, there's one of my embarrassing moments. Over to you...
  2. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    Oh dear! Maybe it is just me that these sorts of things happen to!
    I had a couple more, but I think I shall keep them close to my chest for now!
  3. Please don't keep then close to your chest. Your recount of the fateful sewerage works mishap had me laughing aloud. Keep them coming.....light relief is much appreciated at this stage of the term!
  4. NicoleK

    NicoleK New commenter

    I can't think of one for myself at the moment although I am sure that there are many. My colleagues would probably be able to think of some about me though!

    4 years ago my colleague did have a moment that makes me laugh. She was teaching year 3 I think and crouched down to get something. When she stood up she stood on the bottom of her trousers and pulled them down! Mortifying!
  5. I showed a **** film to 100 3/4 kids by mistake. It should have been them in the xmas play! A parent had sent in a 'blank' video for us to copy the performance onto it. The worst part was my reaction - instead of hitting stop I put my hands on the screen to stop the kids seeing anything. I was an nqt, there were 4 staff there including my mentor and HT. We still refer to 'the time X showed ****' in staffroom conversations!
    Don't think the kids really saw anything or realised much cos they were still settling down to watch it. I have never looked at those parents the same since. We think that mum sent in a blank video and a few days later dad says 'where's that video i left on the side?' mum says ' isent it to school for a copy of X play' LOL!
    Vegas (anyone who knows me now knows who i am as this story has been shared often!)
  6. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    i did once attend an interview and when I got home (having not got the job) I found out the back of my trousers had split big time. When during the day they had split, I have no idea. hopefully getting out of the car on my return home!
  7. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    Oh, thank goodness, thank goodness, thank goodness!

    OK then... I feel I can now share another.

    Four years ago I had a class that excelled at sport. I wrote the class a little end of term letter as they were about to leave in Year Six- a general part and then a personal comment for each pupil. In the general part, what I meant to put was...

    "You have been the sportiest class I have ever taught."

    Whoever designed the computer keyboard and put the "t" key next to the "r" key should be reprimanded for their decision, for what actually went out that fateful evening (and, naturally sailed through the spell-checker on my computer) was...

    "You have been the spottiest class I have ever taught."

  8. I fell down some stairs at the end of an interview and knocked the head teacher over.

    Needless to say I did not get the job...
  9. Whilst reading a class story to my Yr 3/4s about three years ago I was quite happily sailing through the next chapter, and for the life of me I can't recall what two words were together in the sentence, but somehow blended them together and read out "f***"!!
    My TA and a visiting art teacher setting up behind the children on the carpet gasped and shot each other disapproving looks. The children? Didn't notice a single thing! I still get flustered when reading now and read a lot slower!
  10. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    This is good, this is good. I feel better with each passing story. Keep them coming!
  11. hpblossom

    hpblossom New commenter

    Our head is called Mr Lilley. His office is by the front entrance and he was working down there. I told all my yr 3 children in a loud, clear voice to walk down the corridor quietly because "Mr ***** is lurking down there."
  12. brookey1970

    brookey1970 New commenter

    (In secondary)

    I was carrying a pile of freshly-completed hand-written reports from an outdoor classroom across the yard into the main building. They were the type where all subject teachers would write their comments on the same A3 sheet.

    Hurrying, due to the heavy rain, I tripped, went absolutely flying and there were papers EVERYWHERE on the wet ground. Believing myself to be alone, I shouted out: "For f***'s sake, it's all p*** wet-through now." I quickly started gathering all the soaking reports together and, to my eternal embarrassment, did that thing where you're so utterly annoyed that you start SINGING to yourself, "F***, f***, f***, f***, f***..."

    Moments later, I heard a voice from behind me say: "Can I help you with all that, sir?"
  13. You've all made me laugh so much!!
    More please...!
  14. szi

    szi New commenter

    Oh dear, I need the toilet as I've laughed so much!
  15. As a GTP student I was teaching Year 4 about living organisms.
    Freudian slip of the tongue (which I'm SURE you can all guess) slipped from my lips.
    The word sailed blissfully above the heads of my little treasures and I thought I'd survived and all was well, until I glanced at the class teacher, who was sitting observing me at the back of the classroom.
    He was frantically stuffing his observation sheet into his mouth and trying hard not to GUFFAW loudly, at which point I lost the plot completely.

    Oooooo , I'm cringing now at the memory!!!
  16. Picture the scene: Teaching reproduction to y7 in lab. Watching Robert Winston video about the human body(which I had not checked to the end!). No remote control so I am hovering at side of TV in order to press pause when necessary. TA sat at back.

    As I lean nonchalantly with my arm on top of TV and at a slight angle so I can see screen, I observe Lord Robert looking down a microscope at lots of sperm. Nothing could have prepared me for the next sentence he said however. It went something like:

    'On this microscope slide there are around half a million sperm cells, and...

    this is my sperm, and I'm nothing special.'

    Well after I had retreated to the prep room and the TA had pulled herself up from the floor at the back of the room I restarted the video. Much to the bemusement of the year 7's who had no idea what had caused the merriment ;)
  17. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    I'd been out on duty in the morning and by 11:30am I as desperate for the toilet. There was no LSA available but I HAD to go. I rushed off to the toilet, shut the door and locked it. I locked it so thoroughly that the lock handle came clean off in my hand! Luckily we had a SEN teacher working with a group of kids in the next room so I banged loudly on the door. "What's wrong dear? Do you need some toilet roll?" came the embarassing reply. To cut a long story short, a colleague ended up throwing me a screwdriver through the window and I had to take the lock off! After my terrible ordeal, my class hadn't even noticed I'd been missing!
  18. Not in school but when I was at college. I lived in halls the first year but the college as a whole was a mishmash of old terraced houses, as were the halls. They were in the process of being refurbished bit by bit and the time came for ours to be done so we had to have a meeting about where we would be relocated. This was scheduled for our house representative's room.

    So there we all are sat in this room with the site manager and the lecturer who lived in a flat attached to the 'to be refurbished house' when, sat on a bean bag, I feel this almighty fart coming. Not wishing to draw attention to myself I lean very gently to one side and relax. Unfortunately there was a pause in the conversation just as I did this and the release of said gas was accompanied by a sound which was the same as letting air out of a balloon with your fingers around the mouthpiece.

    Well you can imagine the reaction of everyone else. All laughing and trying not to. I was crying with laughter and embarrassment. The lecturer was heard to say 'Poor boy' which really didn't help!

    We all calmed down and the meeting carried on. Up to this point the site manager had not referred to it at all and other than smiling briefly had not entered into the laughter. At the end of the meeting he said 'Ok, that's all from me. Any questions?' but before anyone could say anything added 'Except from him (pointing at me), he's already had his say!'

    Cue: embarrassment once more ;)

    The really irritating thing about this event was that the guy I shared a room with that year could fart on demand! Yet when I needed it to be silent JUST ONCE...
  19. FoxMad

    FoxMad New commenter

    Excellent, excellent, excellent!

    This is like therapy.

    Keep them coming!
  20. hpblossom

    hpblossom New commenter

    I was teaching disco dance to a large KS2 group using 70s music. I got up on the stage so I could demonstrate better and was really getting into the music. Then I overdid the groovy disco walk and accidentally kicked the whole CD player off the stage onto the floor...

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