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moses basket or crib

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by hdavis7612, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. hdavis7612

    hdavis7612 New commenter

    I wound up getting both a Moses basket and a cotbed. We used the Moses basket from birth until 3 months. As I am breast feeding I loved the ease of simply sitting up in bed and reaching next to me when my daughter woke up during the night for a feed or to give her a cuddle if she was fussy. Much easier when you're bleary eyed from lack of sleep than having to get up out of bed and go down the hall to the opposite end of the flat. Plus as a 1st time mum I was forever checking to make sure she was breathing! She did seem to flail her arms about after the first month or so but this problem was solved by making sure she was swaddled before bedtime. She seemed to sleep more soundly when swaddled as well. At 3 months she was getting too long for the basket so we opted to move her into her cotbed in her own room. I sleep with the baby monitor next to me so we can hear when she stirs which is not often as she sleeps through the night at this point. We chose the cotbed as it is meant to last her through her toddler years. The mattress can be positioned at 3 different heights so we can simply lower it as she becomes more mobile and able to pull herself up. Hope this helps!
  2. Hiya
    My first baby hasnt arrived yet (due any day now lol) but we have gone for two cribs, one for downstairs and one for our room and a cotbed in the nursery for when she is big enough to go in her own room. We also looked into getting a moses basket but also felt that they outgrow them so quickly and I don't like the way the bases of them can "dip" quite quickly, especially as we aren't expecting a dainty, petite baby lol. We were given one of the cribs by my sister and we bought the other on ebay so just had to buy new mattresses for them both so reckon the two cribs have cost us less than one decent moses basket and stand would of done anyway! The cribs are supposed to last till around 6 months which is when she will be going in to her own room anyway.
  3. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    We borrowed a Moses basket from a friend, which we had downstairs, and had a crib upstairs which was a gift. We had a teeny little dot of a daughter, who grew out of the Moses basket by 3 months because she is so wriggly. She moved out of the crib at 4 months for the same reason. I have friends whose babies outgrew the moses basket in literally weeks. We decided not to waste our money buying one, as they are expensive for a very short life span. Our crib was far more useful, but even then it doesn't have much longevity. It is nice to have them close to you when they are so small though. Personally, I would ask around and try to borrow a Moses basket. So many people buy them and they have very little use. If you want a new mattress for it, ours was £10 from John Lewis - far cheaper than buying a new mattress! We would definitely use a crib again for a newborn though, so I would say that they are a better buy. However, don't expect it to last for 6 months - at 7 months my baby is still in 0-3month clothes, but there's no way she could sleep in the crib now.xx
  4. We've gone for the moses basket option as we dont have much room in our bedroom. Like some of the other posters, I want both the security of having bump in with us at first and the ease of night feeds. We've a cot for the nursery and whenever he/she is ready we will put them in there with the baby monitor. Despite having bought a full pram travel system, I like the idea of being able to carry the moses basket down and upstairs at first. Of course this could all go out of the window once bump joins us as we've never done this before!! Tx
  5. violingirl

    violingirl New commenter

    We had a crib but baby wouldn't sleep in it and she took to the Moses well, so long as she was swaddled as well. we intended to keep her with us for 6 months, but at 4 months we moved her out as we were disturbing each other and not wanting to swaddle past 3 months, she ended up banging her arms on the basket.

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