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moses basket or crib?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by saphire04, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. First baby due in autumn and due to limited space in our house trying to deside what is best.
    Have 2 bedrooms so baby can have own room but people keep telling me baby should sleep in with us till 6 months. Our bedroom is rather small, a moses basket will fit but friends with 3 month olds are now moving babies into cots. The cot will not fit in our room. Looking at cribs as most of these say suitable until 6 month or until baby can pull themselves up.
    This is looking Like a better option but wanted other views, will it make much difference or are new borns better in moses basket?
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    We had a crib (my old one from when I was a baby!) and then both of my children moved into a cot at about 3 months as they were too long for the crib and too wriggly. Cribs are still quite narrow, and my daughter could roll both ways at 3 months.
    My parents got a moses basket for when we stayed, and my son was too long for that at about 6 weeks.
    Maybe get a crib so that it will fit in your room and keep your baby with you as long as possible and then put him/her in their own room. Our son was with us for 6 months and our daughter for 10 months, but only because she was sleeping badly and we only have 2 rooms and didn't want to put her in with her big brother and wake him up too.
    I know plenty of people who've put their baby in their own room before 6 months with no problems.
    I hate to say it but often newborns don't like to sleep anywhere but on you at first, so it doesn't matter what you've got for them to sleep in to begin with [​IMG]
  3. hdavis7612

    hdavis7612 New commenter

    I wound up getting both a Moses basket and a cotbed. We used the Moses basket from birth until 3 months. As I am breast feeding I loved the ease of simply sitting up in bed and reaching next to me when my daughter woke up during the night for a feed or to give her a cuddle if she was fussy. Much easier when you're bleary eyed from lack of sleep than having to get up out of bed and go down the hall to the opposite end of the flat. Plus as a 1st time mum I was forever checking to make sure she was breathing! She did seem to flail her arms about after the first month or so but this problem was solved by making sure she was swaddled before bedtime. She seemed to sleep more soundly when swaddled as well. At 3 months she was getting too long for the basket so we opted to move her into her cotbed in her own room. I sleep with the baby monitor next to me so we can hear when she stirs which is not often as she sleeps through the night at this point. We chose the cotbed as it is meant to last her through her toddler years. The mattress can be positioned at 3 different heights so we can simply lower it as she becomes more mobile and able to pull herself up. We got one from mamas and papas that included a storage drawer underneath as well as a cot top changer which I've also found to be brilliant as it means no bending over to change her, all the toiletries are within easy reach, and there's a hanging rail for a nappy stacker. Great if you don't have a lot of space! Hope this helps!
  4. We had a moses basket as it was what we could afford at the time what with all the other baby paraphernalia you need to buy! However our baby had grown out of it by 6 weeks (he was rather long!) I then set up his cot in our room but had to move him out at 4 months because my husbands snoring kept waking him up! He sleeps really well now (thank goodness), sleeping from 7.30pm - 7.30am. Bliss [​IMG]

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