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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by tafkam, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. seakay

    seakay New commenter

    (In an aside I'd just like to say that this is the first ever topic I've hotlisted!!! I love Mornington Crescent!!)
  2. OckhamsRazor

    OckhamsRazor New commenter

    No, you left a way out - Queen's Park...
  3. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    You are all sounding very smug with yourselves, but in my day the Piccaddily line did not stop at Turhnam Green during the week!

    So that has left Rayners Lane open for most of the week.

    Or am I showing my age?
  4. OckhamsRazor

    OckhamsRazor New commenter

    Putney Bridge then - given we're revisiting places from my childhood (though my childhood is more recent than yours methinks...).
  5. Excellent, I thought we were due another game.....

    Much as I hesitate to leave my laterals wide open....

  6. seakay

    seakay New commenter

    I'm going to have to go with Sudbury Hill
  7. OckhamsRazor

    OckhamsRazor New commenter

    Borough... that's the night watchman rule... sleep well all!
  8. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Ordinarily of course, OckahsmRazor would be right to presume that no further play could be made until daylight. However, if he'd checked back a few pages, he'd have seen that we did indeed 'go Mainline' for a while, so all-nights are allowed. Hence:


    Let's see what he makes of that upon his return, hehe
  9. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

  10. No no no no no! You'd best go back to Cockfosters and try that move again, Daisyslot.

  11. Actually I think Daisy is okay with Swansea. The Mainline variation into Wales came into play last night.

    Didcot Parkway

    Should move us back...
  12. Well, if you're going to make up silly rules, I'm going to take us back to Dollis Hill (so put that in your pipe and smoke it.)
  13. ChilePhilly

    ChilePhilly New commenter

    AH HA
    Didcot Parkway...

    McLaren's 3 Stop rule.....

  14. D@mn it, ChilePhilly - I wish I'd been up early enough to spot that. Yes, you've won, but only 'cos of this d@mned mainline variant. Swansea! Didcot! Russell would be turning in his grave.

    Tafkam, I propose a new game, using traditional rules with no variants more radical than DLR extensions.

    So, to start off, with that most traditional of openings (Donovan,1967):
  15. OckhamsRazor

    OckhamsRazor New commenter

    Chile, you win this time - but I'm afraid, as footyteacher says, it's only because you took into account a random declaration of mainline variant which hadn't been agreed in committee 'Each individual instance of the game where a mainline variant is requested or required must be referred in the first instance to the co-ordinating committee and in the second instance to central management.'

    Anyway, on with a new game - and I'll respond with a Jubilee gambit... RICHMOND
  16. ChilePhilly

    ChilePhilly New commenter

    Wow, a Jubilee gambit. A brave move sir.

    but then if we're going to play dangerously...

  17. You lot are all weird (or display genius) (or both).

    Elephant and Castle???
  18. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    OH! You're playing that old chestnut, are you?

    Get thyself out to UPMINSTER!
  19. Umm. Gillespie Road

    I'll get my coat

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