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Morning sickness

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by emylou, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. emylou

    emylou New commenter

    I had a +poas on Thursday & had an appointment with my consultant on Friday (I have a heart condition so have been monitored since birth). My consultant says I'm 7 weeks which is much farther than I had thought!?[​IMG]
    I have a Drs appointment tomorrow pm which I'd made last week for a different reason anyway.

    Me & my OH are very excited but I'm so nervous something could go wrong. My brother & his GF had a miscarriage earlier this year- they found out at the 12 week scan that the baby had died at about 7 weeks [​IMG] My OH has sworn me to secrecy & I know that's the safest thing but I am so desperate to announce it!
    I've been feeling quite queasy (sp) the past few days & today I had a really bad headache too [​IMG] I was a little bit sick & ended up going to bed crying in pain with the headache (I'm such a wuss! Trying not to think about the labour at the moment lol!!) Is there anything I can take for the headaches and sickness. If I hadn't known I was pregnant I would have thought it was a migraine & therefore would have taken Migraleve!
    Any advice gratefully received thanks xx
  2. Congratulations EmmyLou! The hormones unfortunately can make you have headaches, but dehydration can also, and is really common in pregnancy, so before you take anything try drinking lots more than you do normally and see if that settles them at all.
  3. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Paracetamol is ok to take in pregnancy, so don't suffer more than necessary by taking nothing- but it's best to use sparingly and avoid ibuprofen, aspirin and cold/flu medicines, codeine etc obviously. I had headaches a lot while pregnant and felt sick from weeks 7-11 ish, never was sick thankfully but just the nausea was quite unpleasant... empty stomach generally made it feel worse so nibbling on some dry crackers/ ginger biscuits etc kept it at bay in the classroom. My class of 7 year olds never questioned why I was suddenly stashing snacks in my desk drawer! Some people use travel sickness bands. As ns324 said, stay hydrated and rest when you can.
    It's natural to worry especially if somebody close to you has suffered a loss, and the time does tick away very slowly in the beginning... we managed to book an early scan at 9 weeks I think which was very reassuring, it was private and just £40 so worth every penny. Highly recommended.
    Congratulations! xx
  4. Congrats! With my first, I never felt sick at all but with my second I felt nauseous all the time and was sick often. As others have said, keep a stash in your bag & drawer at all times and eat little & often (esp before you leave the bus/car to go in to work and before you go into staffroom, meetings etc). Ginger didn't do anything for me but I survived on digestive biscuits, and try to knock it on the head asap before it turns from nausea to actual puking. Same for head ache too I'd say - I don't like taking meds at the best of times so I tried to avoid taking paracetamol and just try to drink water, sleep, get some air but it normally didn't shift it. In the end, I'd take paracetamol as soon as I felt it coming on instead of persevering and having to take it in the end anyway (and double!). Good luck and I hope you enjoy your pregnancy x
  5. Try travel sickness bands (bands you wear on your wrist which have an acupuncture effect).
    They are around £6-8 in boots.
    I found these and constantly sucking polo's helped.
  6. The trick with headaches is to take paracetemol as soon as you feel one coming on, especially if used to stronger stuff. My midwife told me off last time for not taking anything or waiting too late.,it's a hormone thing so drink plenty too but not always dehydration. As for sickness, if it gets really bad see your GP. In January I was diagnosed with hyperemesis which is severe sickness day and night. I couldn't eat and struggled to drink too. I ended up at hospital twice for rehydration and was prescribed anti sickness tablets. GP can only prescribe certain ones which are worth trying first but if you need stronger you need to see the hospital. As I say, only go down this route if it's bad sickness and you have tried everything else. First time round I managed on ginger capsules and only really felt sick a couple of weeks. Feeling hungry definitely makes it worse as the acids in your stomach start contributing. I got it under control this time with the meds and making sure I ate before I got the hunger feeling.
  7. emylou

    emylou New commenter

    Can I ask where you went for your scan? I have found some quite local to me but the cheapest was £100. Me & OH are considering booking one for next week. I'm 8 weeks today but I think I'll still worry between the early scan & the 12 week scan.
    Thank you xx

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