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Morning routines

Discussion in 'Primary' started by panda67, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hello! I'm new to Year 1 this year, have been trying so hard to get my head round the transition from reception and the differences between a school day in year 1 and teaching in key stage 2!
    A small part of this I am trying to figure out now is the morning routine, after children have come in and put their book bag away what happens next? Do children read a book on the carpet or is there something else for them to be doing? Trying to think of something simple that could engage them for five minutes whilst we wait for everyone to arrive before the register. Any suggestions very much welcomed!
    Thank you :)
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I'm hoping that my year 2 (I'm also new to KS1) will do the same as my year 6 did. Sit quietly and chatter on the carpet, to each other and to me, while everyone else gets sorted. Then we do the register. I really do think having a chance to catch up and chatter quietly is so important, as well as a chance to tell me about lost teeth and baking chocolate cakes with granny and all that.

    Bell goes at 8.50 and I let them in then. Should have registers finished and sent off ready to start maths or go to assembly at 9.00.

    Maybe I'm being naive.
  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    My year 2s do exactly what every other year group have done... They come in, hang their bags and coats up, come and sit down and can quietly chat while I deal with any parents / forms / money / saying hello to everyone... Then it's straight into register, then depending on the year group it's straight to phonics or straight into lessons.

    Don't see much point in faffing about, lets get learning!
  4. Thanks for the replies -
    I really agree about having a bit of a chance to chat and catch up - its a nice part of coming together. I also wouldn't plan on any faffing! Was just interested to see if anyone else did anything different.
  5. I have year 1 too and we do wake up shake up between 8.45 and 9am.
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Excellent...glad to hear it DOES work with year 2.
  7. We have a mixed Y1/2 class. The children come in between 8.45 and 9.00 so some could potentially be sitting for 15 mins waiting for everyone else. We have a self registration system that works really well and the room is always set up with simple table top activities (jigsaws, beads, simple games, magnetic letters, felt pens & paper etc ), these activities are to engage the children (enabling parents to leave without upset) and to allow them up to 15 mins chatting etc with friends. At 9.00 prompt they come to sit on the carpet for Letters and Sounds having had an opportunity to share any news / anecdotes with friends. It works really well for us - the children are ready to learn and not wriggly from too much sitting.
  8. How does you self registration work? What do you do? Ive only seen that in Nursery before where they come and place their photo on a group chart..
  9. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    when in yr5/6 i had an activity on the board every morning, they knew exactly what to do and did it without a fuss. In year 2 this year, and handwriting is a focus this year, so i plan on having simple sentences, words on the board for them to do some handwriting first thing
  10. My last lot of year 2s would come in, put their stuff away and get on with their morning activity which would be on the whiteboard; this could be something such as 'read your reading book quietly at your table', or a written task such as 'write down as many ways to describe the Wolf from Red Riding Hood as you can', or 'how many 2 syllable words can you think of that begin with...'

    They were very capable of sitting quietly and getting on with these while I spoke to the parents before sitting on the carpet ready for the register

  11. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    My Y2s come in at 8.45 and copy a "fact of the day" from the white board ( I use the Woodlands calendar or Horrible Histories occasionally Newsround)
  12. My year 2s come in and get straight on with busy work. This is written up on the board. Sometimes it is 'which is the odd one odd' with no obvious answer. As long as they can justify it it is correct. Sometimes it is a maths one like 'how many ways can you make....using the numbers..' how many words can you make out of .....'. or the answer is.... what is the question'. It is really just a 5-10 min thing which we then discuss just before doing the register. They come up with some great things and they are often disappointed that we have to move on to the register. My favourites are the random odd one outs as they come up with some really interesting and often funny reasonings. We then do the register quickly and at 9am do a 5 min wake up shake up, which they (and I) love then into lessons.
  13. Our Y1's come in, and then settle down to some handwriting practise which has been taught previous day then put books in tray and then sit and chat to friends while waiting on others. Works really well and seen massive improvement in handwriting since we have done it little and often (everyday!)
  14. Our Y1's come in, and then settle down to some handwriting practise which has been taught previous day then put books in tray and then sit and chat to friends while waiting on others. Works really well and seen massive improvement in handwriting since we have done it little and often (everyday!)
  15. We collect our children off the yard and come in at 9am (ish) we go out 5-10 mins before this so parents have a chance to speak to you if they need to. We go in hang up coats, put book bags etc away and then do the registers. We then either go to assembly, rise and shine or share news, go through what we will be doing that day etc until 9.30. Sometimes we do a bit of handwriting practice if we havent got assembly or anything. We dont start teaching until 9.30 as there are always children coming in late.
  16. We have a magnetic board (labelled each day with the 3 lunch choices) and all the children's names on magnetic laminated strips, when the children arrive they put their name under their choice, put their belongings away and settle down at a self chosen activity. It is really easy to see who is absent (those who haven't chosen lunch) and the TA spends 2 mins filling in the 'official register' whilst the children settle on the carpet at 9.00 - No calling names, no long drawn out registration and the children can be learning straight away.

  17. Hi,
    I am an NQT in yr3. I thought (since literacy is first lesson) I would get the children to look at any comments from the previous day and do any corrections they may have. They can then chat quietly or read a book until the register starts. On Mondays they can chat about thier weekends.
    Hopefully it will work!

  18. Thank you for all of the replies! I really like the idea of self registration which then allows the TA to do the register - had my first day with my year 1s today and fond by the end of it the children were so wriggly!

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