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Morning groups

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Ellsguy, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Ellsguy

    Ellsguy New commenter

    My class for september is going to be a group of 9 boys (year 1/2) mixed ability, half are verbal and half are non-verbal, all ranging from p5-p8. I was wondering if anyone had any good, engaging morning ideas for all the pupils?

    Any thoughts welcomed :)
  2. sofia_sen

    sofia_sen Occasional commenter

    What exactly do you mean by morning activities? What they do when they first come in?

    We have toys out in the classroom so they go to the toilet and then play with toys. At least on paper they do, in reality they find play very difficult. We then go outside for a morning exercise routine since most come in on the bus and have been on the bus for a long time, sometimes an hour.
  3. missbumblebee123

    missbumblebee123 New commenter

    We arrive in the morning and children complete a self registration sheet (writing name, copying name, putting Velcro letters of name in the right order or selecting/matching their name and picture based on ability) they put this on the self reg whiteboard. Then they have a short independent activity eg tracing letter formation or sorting pictures. Generally once that's done we go for an exercise routine for the reasons described above!
  4. senlady

    senlady Senior commenter

    As always with these sorts of things it really depends what the aim of that session is, there are many possible and equally credible aims - for example, do you want to keep everyone busy until all are in and settled before beginning a particular lesson? Do you want them to practice a particular skill? Do you want them to work independently? Would you like to encourage socialisation? Do you want to provide some calm?

    I could go on but once you have a particular aim in mind it is easier to focus on the tasks that might fit that. For example, you could set up a particular 'skill' or 'subject' each morning so one day could be fine motor tasks such as threading or pegging etc one day could be a literacy type task eg word matching or symbol matching or whatever is appropriately targeted, one day could be a 'maths' or 'number activity' for example counting a certain number of items into a pot or matching shapes etc and so on through the week. Or having the same activity for a half term or longer may suit your group better, you could have it as a 'social' session where they practice greeting each other or match peer and adult photos to names or to other photos, or note who else is in etc or you could have one particular toy out that everyone has to share in etc If you are searching for a calm start to the day you could have some quiet music, some aromatherapy smells, offer each pupil a hand massage or they could do this for each other etc.

    Start with what you want out of it and how long it needs to last and go from there!

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