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Morning (afternoon and evening) sickness despair

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by bluecharmer, May 11, 2011.

  1. bluecharmer

    bluecharmer New commenter

    I'm at a point of despair with my nausea. I've had it since week 5 and i'm now 9 weeks and 5 days.

    My other half is so excited and i'm a total misery because i feel so ill
    all the time. I'm so fed up with it. It's got to the point where i just
    get home from work and cry.

    So far i've just felt sick all day without actually being sick, but the
    last 3 days i've started being sick too - i didnt think it could
    worse!!!! I also have grim headaches and really painful bloating.

    I've been off work for one full day, gone home early once, and arrived
    late once, but i feel so guilty about taking time off, like i'm taking
    the michael. It's worse when people say 'you dont look ill'. I think
    they mean it as a compliment, but when you feel so shocking and you have
    the guilt of taking time off it feels like a dig.

    Just feel totally alone. All the people I work with, or family who have
    been pregnant seem to have had morning sickness but been able to get on
    with their normal daily lives. Why am i struggling so much?? :(
  2. daisy_chain

    daisy_chain New commenter

    You are struggling because it is just so bleedy horrid! I am in a similar boat (9 + 1) where I am feeling sick from about 11am onwards. I don't think I am quite as bad as you and I have only actually been sick 3 times but the nausea really is a horrible thing! Please don't feel bad that you are not exactly the same as everyone else - everyone is different. Hope this passes for you soon and you will be enjoying the 2nd trimester soon enough! x
  3. bumblingbee

    bumblingbee New commenter

    Hi to both of you. I feel for you but I can promise you it will pass. It is completely horrible but it doesn't last forever.
    Have you tried just nibbling a dry biscuit? Apparently when your blood sugar drops you can feel sickso constantly nibbling on something might help especially if you keep throwing up.
    Various things worked for me including (and you may want to be near a bucket when you read this) drinking Marmite melted in hot water whilst eating bananas. I don't know why it worked but it did!
    If it carries on have a word with your GP.
    Best of luck.

  4. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Hello both, I 'can't' promise it will pass, but I can tell you that other folk have been right where you are, wondering when it will pass and why other folk seem to trot through it neatly while you feel like death regurgitated. Do go see your GP - I left it far too late because like you I felt a wimp - and I ended up in hospital with dehydration and hyperemesis which after a bit of drug juggling was managed with some anti-sickness meds. I too was exceptionally weepy, and I don't think feeling rubbish helped with the hormonal surge.... I literally used to drive out the school gates just in time before the floods of tears would arrive for a couple of hours at a time.

    Hang in there :)
  5. i vomited on average 4 times a day from week 6 to week 14 when i went to my GP and begged for something to help with the nausea. it was awful. i think in those 8 weeks i had 4 days off work due to just being too sick to go in. and while i was in i had to hide the fact i 1- couldn't go near anyone with food or coffee and 2- that i was racing to throw up several times a day!
    i hated feeling like that, being in bed for 6pm every night, waking every morning at 5am to be sick, being sick when i washed my hair, being sick when i brushed my teeth..... it's normal to hate feeling that way.
    if it does continue past 12 weeks, do go to your GP for some help. it made a huge difference to me. i still got nausea but i only vomited a handful of times over the rest of my pregnancy.
    congrats btw!
  6. Hi, I had this with both my pregnancies from 6 weeks until I gave birth. I really feel for you, it is a miserable time.
    Unfortunately for me, nothing made it better, but I find some things which meant that it didn't get any worse...if that makes sense? Try not to have an empty stomach for too long, snack between meals or try to eat smaller meals more often. Eat something when you wake up, even a plain biscuit will help. Make sure you have enough rest as feeling tired for me made it worse. There may be certain foods that aggravate it, eg spicy foods, I found I couldn't eat any wheat based foods, bananas, curries, garlic, our meals were very plain.
    Keep your GP and midwife in the picture about how you're feeling as they will need to know and be able to support you.
    Take care of yourself.
  7. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    I suffered from bad nausea until week 12 when it stopped overnight and I felt fine for the rest of my pregnancy! I would be in tears most mornings and sometimes could not drive myself into work so my husband had to take me in. I found that sucking mints helped, as did fizzy drinks (I don't know why!) and dry crackers. I had to go into a computer suite to eat my lunch and for breaks as the smells from coffee and food made me feel horrendous. Ginger biscuits helped a friend of mine. I hope you begin to feel better soon.
  8. (((((((bluecharmer))))))
    Everyone is different - I threw up until week 14 - couldn't get through a session without running out to be sick. Things that worked for me were constantly eating ginger biscuits (yes through lessons)and lucozade - I hate it normally - try and eat little and often. Two people at work are pregnant now and are absolutely fine - its not a reflection on you at all. On the other hand my mum threw up with my and my sister until the birth but not at all with my brothers. Look after yourself - take time off if you need to

  9. Clarerees

    Clarerees New commenter

    I could have written this post.....this time last year! I ran out of so many lessons, cried infront of students and the only reason I kept coming in was because I felt so sick some mornings that I couldn't be bothered to phone in. I did find some things that helped though. Sorry, but it is food that helps. My advice is to just eat what you can and, as you won't fancy anything, try a lot of different things at the weekends to work out what is ok and what isn't. Abandon eating anything that doesn't either contain large amounts of sugar or is really, really plain. I lived on toast and marmite for a fortnight. Things that worked:
    • oranges
    • skittles
    • coke
    • jaffa cakes (by the end of my pregnancy I was eating at least two packets a day)
    • nutella
    • crisps
    • mints (could stop me being sick in an emergency)
    For me the nausea did improve, but I was never able to eat dairy products, meat, fish or anything rich. My tastebuds came back immediately after giving birth though, so all's good now and, despite my mad diet, I have a very healthy boy!
  10. Awww you poor thing.
    I've been through horrible nausea and it's just starting to wear off now (10weeks) so there is hope! It may/may not be any help but I found acupuncture really good. I'm not sure how you would get to a clinic if you are feeling so ill but I forced myself there and was amazed when I started feeling better later in the day after treatment. I'm a needle phobic! I had a canula recently when I had to go into hospital and the poor doctor had to bandage my arm so I couldn't see it at all. The acupuncture needles are so fine you barely feel them - nothing like the ones you have at the docs.
    I also have seabands that sit on specific acupressure points but you've got to make sure they are in the correct place or they don't work. I thought I had them in the right position till the acupuncture nurse told me they weren't.
    Make sure you try to drink plenty and REST. Your baby is important!!
    Here's hoping you are felling better soon.
  11. You are not alone - I'm going through it too and I'm about the same stage as you. I haven't told anyone in work yet, I'm waiting until I've seen the midwife and actually have a due date to hand in. My OH 'helped' the other week by reading the theories about morning sickness to me whilst I was hugging the toilet!!

    It's awful, I went to the doctors last week as I've lost quite a bit of weight and seem to go through four day cycles where on the fourth day nothing stays down, and I can only eat small amounts of food on the other days. The doc (male doc, "oh don't worry you'll be fine and it will pass".... yeah thanks!) didn't really want to give me anything unless I was displaying signs of dehydration.

    Don't feel guilty, you can't help it. Just take care of yourself - and preganacy absences do not count as absences on your attendance record apparently.
  12. The fact is that most people just have a 'bit of nausea' as has been described to me by friends! Other people have debilitating nausea. I think one of the problems is that the food cures are very personal. I am only 6 weeks atm but know from my last pregnancy that things high in sugar made me worse. Mine is only just kicking in atm I am finding grapes good.
  13. There are many many many women who struggle with exactly what you are describing I'm one of them!! I'm approaching week 14 and am starting to feel much better but from week 6-7 felt exactly how you have described only with more actual bein sick - the constant nausea is just as bad. i still feel really ill from time to time but much better. when i hit despair level, which i think is where you are now i went to my doc and got signed off. i had two weeks off and it was absolutely the best thing i could have done. i strongly recommend you do the same thing. your health and pregnancy is more important.
  14. bluecharmer

    bluecharmer New commenter

    Many thanks for all your replies.
    If nothing else it is good to know others are/have been the same (i dont mean that in a nasty way:eek:)!). So far everyone I have spoken to either had no morning sickness, or sickness that they seemed to be able to control in some way!
    I couldn't believe it could get any worse when i wrote the post originally - but it has!! Now i have started vomiting regularly during the day! 4 times already today.
    I saw my midwife yesterday and she could only suggest ginger nut biscuits! I booked an appointment with my doctor who told me eat little and often.Neither of which help. I'm wearing sick bands but with no joy, living off cream crackers and sipping on water every now and then.
    One of the problems is that i AM hungry - starving!! I'm seeing people eat and thinking i want that!!! But i know as soon as it passes my lips my stomach will start churning! The only thing that's keeping me going at the moment is the 12 weeks mark - that this may only last another 2 weeks (I am praying!!!).
    I told my OH that this better be twins because i wont be going through this again!!!!!
  15. Have you tried moving the band around to make sure they are in the right place? I am convinced they work but it is hard to work out where to put them. I am going for acupuncture on Tuesday and appatently can have needles on plasters also to leave in. I will update as to whether they make any difference. Mine is thankfully still manageable with sickness bands. Last time I had 2 weeks where I couldnt read without my head spinning. I am desperate not to go back there. Have you tried cashew nuts? They are really high calorie and taste of practically nothing. They have helped me anyway!
  16. You really are having a terrible time of it, you poor, poor thing. It's just a miserable time. I think the most number of times I vomited in one day was seven so I really can sympathise. I tried sickness bands too and acupuncture at 20 weeks. It didn't work for me as I may have started it too late. Is it something you would consider? The constant hunger is really hard to address, I found bowls of cereal were a good idea. Are you keeping anything down? I'd start off the day with a bowl of ready brek, eat a few mouthfuls, bring it all up then eat the rest. I know it sounds horrible to do but try and eat bland foods and keep eating. An empty stomach will make it worse.
    Take care and make sure you get enough rest x
  17. That is exactly what i said to my oh about the twins thing!! it turned out to just be one I'm expecting! I'm feeling jolly peed off today because am approaching 14 weeks and have just spent the whole day bein sick again!!! and i have found through bitter experience that when the vomiting starts you just have to ride it out until it stops and you can eat again. Unless it becomes constant every day and you can't keep anything down. i am really hoping that it stops soon!!
  18. Clarerees

    Clarerees New commenter

    Just a couple of things to console you (well, they helped me when I was hugging the toilet and sobbing):
    1. If you're being really sick it usually means that you're very pregnant i.e. that your baby is ok!
    2. Other people have been through it too. I used to eagerly collect stories from other members of staff.......favourites include (confession, one of these is actually mine, but I'm not saying which):
    • the member of staff who threw up at the bottom of a flight of stairs and knew that something had to be done, but couldn't face the confrontation with the caretaker, so she sent an email blaming it on an anonymous child
    • the member of staff who knew they were going to vomit whilst supervising an exam. As they were the only person in there, they diligently threw up in the plastic bag the papers had come in rather than running out of the room and leaving the students unattended.
    • the person who, whilst supervising a school trip and on a coach, had to get the driver to open the front door so that they could vomit out of the side without the children seeing- whilst moving and on the M4.
    You'll get through it. It does end.
  19. Ha ha! Love these!! i feel compelled to add my own... this morning i had absolutely no warning of impending vomit and as soon as I'd finished my weetabix they started comin back up. in my mouth at first and literally couldn't make it to the loo so first had to puke in washing up bowel that was filled with pots and soapy water ready to be washed up and then realising how disgusting that was i yanked the lid off the kitchen bin and finished off. i encourage others to join the mornin sickness confessional. x
  20. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Aye, was sick approx 40 times a day, but know some who got it worse, yes that can be the case any smug readers who didn't get it! So I sympathise and believe you. Some women don't really get sick, or maybe just waves of nausea, but it's like some women have easy labours, some don't, just the way it goes, those who have it easy aren't necessarily better mums
    I was in a 6th form collge at the time, so leaving class to throw up not such a major issue as for those of you with 9 set 4-seriously that must be hard.
    Look on the brght side, assuming it's your first, it's musch harder when you have a toddler and have to prepare food...so make omeone else make your food, when you feel up to having any
    Have you talked to your doc, as have been told thatdifferent treatments suit diff women

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